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Rated: 18+ · Review · Detective · #1993434
A mystery about murder and rock climbing.The DI Nick Dixon series written by Damien Boyd
As the Crow Flies by Damien Boyd

DI Nick Dixon lives alone with his dog, Monty.  It is inspiring to note that even though he takes Monty with him as he works, He is careful to make sure the dog is properly cared for during the course of investigations. 

When he is at home detective Dixon spends some of his down time watching movies.  He has a stash of movies that he particularly enjoys watching as reruns.  Dixon says, "Looks like it's Monty and me on the sofa again."

This is a U.K. mystery. Dixon has an old friend who is involved in a climbing accident.  His interest in climbing is essential to the mystery.  There is an interesting motive in this story.  A motive that does not appear until deep in the story and one many readers will not expect.

The case involves a long standing friend, large amounts of money and numerous suspects. And, we see Dixon using  research skills we all use from time to time.  "Within a few clicks he was on Wikipedia learning about all-numeric grid references,"

This is a good story for a lazy summer day.
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