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Parable of battle

There is a hole, a mighty and great black pit.

Everything that gets close is quickly sucked in. Your kind has come to know them as Black Holes, though, why You reference the Abyss in the plural perplexes me. Can you not see that it is one?

When I was young I devised a thing I called EDEN, Eternal Dominion of Everlasting Nirvana. To place in EDEN I cocieved the first of many many verses. In each verse I placed my breath and granted a single species both life and intelligence. In my first attempt at creating life, I created such a beautiful species, whichh you call Angel, but I have always known as Elves. I spoiled them with abilities embued, made exploring easy with wings. Could necer died except through horrendous trauma, and never needed to eat.
I made life to easy for them though, and out of boredom they became mad. Raving lunatics. In there insanity they imploded on themselve and went extinct, save for the handfull I could save.

I became depressed and angry.

Then I got intoxicated on manna and created humanity. I wasn't kind to them. Gave them no abilities, made the starving and easy to kill. I made humanity sick and then I even poisoned the space around then to keep them confined to solitude. I created them hoping to see another desimation. Even made them ugly so that I wouldn't grow to fond.

Many years for them have now passed and still they thrive. Survived in a world I desugned to slaughter. Explored the space I intended to suffocate. Discovered the void I wished to keep hidden.

When the Elves imploded, they did it with a plasmic concentration that they compressed and turned into a bomb. The effects being more then they anticipated they managed to completely destroy there universe, (though I pulled one hundred forty four from the explosion.) All the remains of there verse is a large vacuumous pit that because of your verses arrangement in the double hexaverse is at war with you.

It seeks to counterbalance your something then pressurize and pulverise before finally relasing all the matter of your verse into itself. Then your verse will be left a silent song vacuuming into it.
I have tried to disassemble the double hexaverse, but I made it too perfect because doing so would kill you pf disconnection and your verse will simply fade.


There is a way to defeat the coming darkness.

There is a way that you, my persevering child, can endure one more hardship and truly prove yourselves my favorite children.

You must find love.

You see, I am a being that feeds and grows stronger on light. The flavors of light excite me, my favorite being orange. A rare delicacy, and in your nature an improbable eventuality. That's the reason it was necessary to creats EDEN, that I may fill it with verses and fill each verse with bright orange stars.


Observing your peculiar species I have found new light that is even more pleasing to my palate.

You see, when one pf your kind finds love you light up in a magnificent bouquet of light. So run to the street and tell them to spread the news of love, that they might win the war within. Every one with ears and eyes to see, look into the night and tremble as you come to knpw love and.shout the name you gave me.


Once the universe is lit from one end to the other then I will return and bask in the.light of your love and grow powerful. Then I might finally conquer the abyss.

This war within.

Love is not easy to come by though, and if I gave you the meaning you wouldn't understand.

However, try to picture a Missouri meadows blooming with flowers, booming with fragrance.

As you lay in the tall grass, arm around your partner, thinking that forever had to feel like this infinitely deep well of longing and fear driving you to say, "I love you," as your flesh intertwines and then you feel sublime because in nine months you'll have a child and you will love them. Tje light will burn bright, and chase away the darkness. Yes, once you finally learn how to win the dark war within.

Then in jubilation you'll die and I will finally be able to tell you face to face what I have been screaming all along wondering why you can't hear me on the wind, my passion on the breeze.
Yes, see, though I created you to die, I want to see you try and suceed and I know that you will, you alwayd have before.
Yes that, dear child, is the reason I love you.
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