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The magic won't work for Alex. 279 words
Failed Magic

Alex turned away. He'd done everything Larry and Theola had done.

"Al, maybe if you stood over here." Larry, stepped toward Theola.

"Okay, Larry. I will try it again." Alex looked at his boyhood pal who married the girl down the street. They shared residence in the assisted liviing facility and wished to escape together.

Alex stepped where Larry had stood. He turned three times clockwise; patted his head with his right hand and rubbed his belly with his left hand. Then he switch his hands; left patted head, right rubbed belly as he turned three times counter clockwise.

Nothing happened.

"Do it again, Al; third times got to be the charm."

Al did it again. Again, he looked at his friends. "I guess the magic won't work for me."

Theola embraced Alex. "You're not doing anything different."

Alex needed the reassurance that human touch conveyed.

Larry laid his beefy hand on his friend's shoulder. "It just ain't right, Al."

"I know Larry." Alex disengaged from his friends.

"We can stay a little longer," Theola said.

"We don't have to leave right away," Larry said.

"No, that's okay. You two get on your way and get your lodgings for the night."

"Are you sure?"

Alex nodded, "Absolutely."

His friends hesitated. Alex surmised, maybe, he just didn't believe strong enough. Maybe, if Marla still lived, the magic would have worked. The truth was, he wanted to be with his wife.

Peacefulness settled over him and his smile relaxed. "You two get along, now. I miss Marla too much and it doesn't matter how much I spin, I'm not getting any younger."

Larry and Theola each hugged Alex goodbye.

"We will visit you next weekend."

Alex smiled upon his young again friends and said, "Yes, please do."

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