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This is the way that it happened at least for me and love changes everything
The Crazy Way of Love

This love (as most) started out with a boy, who was, and still is my best friend. We never were the kind to make fun of each other, even joking. We just laughed and smiled. And cared about each other, and neither of us knew how but we just did we cared for each other.
Now everybody knew that we were something special, except for us (at the time). We were just best friends and nothing more, but that was not true we were more than friends we just did not realize it. As time goes on we became closer with text message after text message, seeing each other everyday and just well becoming better friends well more than friends. Then THE question was asked on a day that will never be forgotten, now who asked it doesn’t matter, all that matters was that it was asked. That was just the beginning,
and maybe there won’t be an end.
The more laughs and text the more of him, was just amazing. Closer and closer we got the better. Just talking was the best and we talked all the time, some may say that we were the only actual couple at the time. And things were going great really great or at least we both thought that they were.
Then we hit rock bottom and everything changed, and most of all we changed. Stress hit us the most, and it hurt us a lot, but it didn't break us.

But that was were our love was tested, our love showed more than ever. And things happened other than that, but we still passed the test, always.
Some may say that this can’t be love, for whatever reason this may be, but its love to me and to him, and that is all that I need.
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