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Description of how a camping trip influenced my writing life.
Life often takes turns, unexpected and otherwise, but often, until something is right there in front of us we do not know where the next turn will lead. Backpacking into the Adirondacks presented itself to be a gentle turn in my writing life. Until I got back home, I could not see where this turn would lead me.

What was it that camping and writing have in common? Not much possibly. Experiencing life in the woods, as I did for the last five days, gave me a chance to recalibrate. It allowed me to empty my cup, and do some soul searching.

Adventures, like backpacking in the Adirondacks, are best to be spent with good friends. Wyatt Andrews was a great camping companion. He was willing to try boiled Bullheaded Lilly roots with me; even after I told him how awful they were. And he allowed me to have my own space where and when I needed it.

Our trip allowed us ample time to hike, read, eat wild plants, and talk. We got along well. Despite being a rainy trip (Wednesday Thursday and Friday were very wet) we had a great time. Almost know people made it out to our secret spot, and we certainly were not complaining.

Wyatt, often, was found writing in a notebook while I spent a lot of time reading Fowler’s Modern English Usage. Ideas on where my writing life would lead were abundant. I bounced a few off of Wyatt, and he gave me honest opinions.

But until I got home, I was not certain what would be my next writing project. Sometime after getting back to my apartment on Elliot Street, I checked my email. There I read a message from Phil Innes asking if I’d like to be a contributor to a new column called, Gang of 4. Not much time passed before I decided this would be an excellent step forward in my writing life.

Gang of 4, as Phil described it to me, will be wide open, but relate mostly to quality of life. I will be one of several contributors to this column.

As for my thoughts regarding my writing life, which I delved into on my camping trip-they will help me to have a clearer sense of what I will write about for Gang of 4.

Camping in the Adirondacks was an amazing experience that I will cherish for all time. Returning from this trip was, however, where the fruits of my labor were to be harvested. Right there in front of me, upon my return from camping, there was the opportunity I was searching for.

Spending five days in the Adirondacks taught me that Clintonia tastes like cucumber. The best meal I had all week was this wild plant cooked up with tuna. Camping also taught me that my interests and passions will lead me on a path of personal fulfillment just as long as I do not let my mind do all the work. I have to allow my heart and my soul to have a say in things too.

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