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D'Atra meets Irene
Chapter 2

“D’Atra, I met the most amazing woman last weekend when we were at a house party. Her name is Irene and she is beautiful inside and out and just perfect for you. Before you ask, yes she is a lesbian." said Dominique.
As I reread my sister’s message my heart began to beat a little faster, butterflies in my tummy and I was dying to know more about this beautiful woman.
“Sis, do you happen to have a picture of Irene from that party?"
“Sure do, check you inbox.” she said
All I could do was blush and stare at the picture. Everything about her was just mind-blowing. The caption below made me smile and she was tagged in the picture. Nervous, I clicked her profile and sent a friend request. I was so eager she see it and accept me.
Instantly I got the chills, my inbox notification had lit up. I was eager and tense at the same time. I was hoping it was a message from Irene.
I clicked it and I read aloud “hey.”
I was dumbfounded with my words and had no idea what to write back. Was I supposed to write hey back or play hard to get? As I began to type the letters H..E..Y.. back to her, I became even more nervous. I wasn’t sure what was going on in my head but I was excited to find out where this conversation was headed to. After talking for about 25 minutes, I learned so much about her in such little time. She was 19 years old, born and raised in Arizona; 5’9 with honey tinted eyes, 9 tattoos and unfortunately had a girlfriend she wasn’t too fond about.
My body covered in Goosebumps, I replied back to her giving her advice upon her relationship with this other female. Irene stated she wasn’t happy at all because her girlfriend was young and dumb in the head. Confused and concerned for her relationship; the subject changed instantly when she starting going through my pictures on my Facebook profile. She had begun liking and commenting on almost every picture I had online. I sensed butterflies fluttering in my tummy as I clicked each notification and smiled at every comment.
Lost in time, I glanced at the clock and noticed it was getting later and later. Waiting for Irene to write back, I had the craziest idea pop into my mind. I wanted to meet her. As I begun typing ‘what are you doing tonight?’ she instantly wrote back ‘nothing’ and I was eager to ask my next question. Nervously typing my question and hoping she say yes, I waited patiently. I had asked her if she would like to come over and watch movies and eat junk food.
My inbox notification lit up and I read the answer aloud “yes, where at?”
Instantly, I jumped up in amazement and began picking up my grandma’s living room preparing for her to come over. It was 11:30 at night and I had a guest coming over. I shrugged and drove to the store to grab a whole bunch of munchies for us. On the way over she had texted me and let me know where she was to be picked up. I typed her address in my GPS and pressed go. As I begun driving towards the destination, I begun feeling the butterflies fluttering again. Why was I so nervous for?
Approaching the darkened street, I looked around for her presence. I stared down at my GPS wondering if I was even at the right location. The address was correct; however I was stuck in front of an inaccessible gate. I positioned my car in park and dialed her number. She instantly picked up the phone and said hello. Laughing nervously, I asked where she was at and that I am parked in front of a gate. She chuckled and said she was coming to me and then we hung up. Anticipating for her arrival, I observed the ill-lighted complex she stayed in. I was so tense and enthusiastic at the same time. I didn’t even have time to really dress up like I wanted to. I had baggy sweatpants on, a tank top and my hair down. I looked nowhere close to attractive. Attempting to fix my hair and makeup, I had seen a shadow getting closer to my car. It was her! She looked even sexier in person. Black fitted hat, basketball shorts and a V-neck T-shirt. I smiled and she walked to the passenger side of my car. As she opened the door, I couldn’t help but blush. I knew right at that moment, I had a crush.
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