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Irene and D'Atra escalates their friendship into a very close bond.
Driving back to my grandmother’s house in silence, I sparked up a conversation about her girlfriend. Bad idea, but I wanted her to talk. I sensed her nervousness and the awkwardness. As we pulled into my grandmother’s driveway, I opened the car door and escorted her to the front door. Inside the house, I lead her into the living room where she was greeted with an enormous amount of junk food and different genres of movies. She smiled and she took a load off on the tan recliner. I began asking her a mass of random questions about herself. She was reluctant at first but she was warming up to me.
As the night progressed with unconditional laughs and unlimited amounts of junk food, Irene and me had formed a strong connection. I felt the essential to spark this conversation up a bit. I begun asking her sexual questions hoping she wouldn’t feel obligated to answer. I was an open minded person and very comfortable about my sexual intentions.
Our conversation escalated from dull to fascinating instantly. Her eyes gazed at me with excitement as our conversation progressed. Lost in lust I stood up and looked down at her. I moved closer to her and asked if it was ok to sit on her lap.
Irene chuckled nervously and replied softly. “Sure.”
I leaned forward to take a seat on her lap and she let out a deep breath.
“Are you uncomfortable?” I asked.
“No, I am fine.” Irene said nervously.
Nervously sitting on her lap knowing she has a girlfriend, I turned to her and asked if she can pick me up. I wanted to see her strength; even though I only weighed 110 pounds. Right away she grabbed my waist and hoisted me into the air. I was in shock and blushing at the same time as I sat on her waist staring into her golden honey eyes. Yearning to kiss her; I looked at her and just smiled. I didn’t have the courage to lean in and attempt to kiss her. Furthermore, she had a girlfriend already! So what the hell was I thinking?
After that awkward incident, I had a feeling in my mind she wanted to kiss me. The way her eyes wandered down my curvaceous body and she bit her lip thinking I didn’t see. I glanced at her promptly then turned my head acting as if I was paying attention to the movie. Butterflies were going crazy in my tummy and my body had Goosebumps all over. I desired a kiss from her but her girlfriend situation was holding me back. If only she knew what I was thinking in my mind; and at the moment before opening my mouth, my actions spoke louder than my words.
I leaned towards her and placed my lips gently onto hers. I slowly kissed her as my eyes closed in amazement. Neither of us pulled away until reality hit me right on my head. I jerked away from her face nervous and confused. As her eyes opened she looked amazed and surprised. Immediately, she pulled me onto her waist and ended our way down the hall to my bedroom. Confused, she placed me on the bed and sat next to me. Countless thoughts went through my head as she took her shirt off to reveal her black sports bra. Her hands slowly caressed my face as she kissed me passionately. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted her.
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