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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Gay/Lesbian · #1996919
Awkward conversations turn over into Sexual Fantasies
Chapter 4
As she kissed my lips, I felt her hands gently lifting my shirt up to reveal my Victoria secret black lace bra. Her lips pressing against my body as took a deep breath in slowly. My mind going crazy questioning what is about to happen at this very moment as she unsnapped the back of my bra. Confused, I let it fall down to the floor. She must have forgotten that she had a girlfriend, yet I was not stopping her. I moaned quietly as she started pulling my sweats slowly off my waist to reveal my black lace panties. She started kissing my stomach slowly as her tongue followed down to my inner thigh. I breathed softly and bit my bottom lip focusing on her actions as she moved closer towards my vagina.
I gazed at her pulling the last piece of clothing off my body. She explored every part of my body with her eyes and tongue. I moaned in amazement, grabbed her and switched positions. I positioned myself on top of her and looked down into her eyes. I began grinding slowly and her eyes shut spontaneously. I didn’t want to stop.
Irene pulled me closer and flipped me over onto my back. Her hands wondered down to my inner thighs as she positioned her fingers on my clit. My body triggered instantly to her touch and I felt her fingers move away my clit. My back ascended from the wetness on the bed sheets. She held my body and continued going deeper as I screamed out. I clutched my pillow and the bed sheets as she pulled my hair. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, she had me weak all over. My eyes rolled back as my orgasm erupted onto her tongue and hand. Speechless, I opened my eyes and attempted to speak. We both smiled and I placed my head on her chest.
She kissed my forehead and a billion thoughts rushed into my mind. Irene cheated on her girlfriend without hesitation. I couldn’t believe it!
“What’s wrong D’Atra?” Irene asked while staring into my eyes.
I nervously told her I couldn’t believe she cheated on her girlfriend. She explained why she did it and had no regrets. I was in shock! Irene didn’t even care for this girl she was dating.
I attempted to get dressed; as my body was still weakened. I was curious to what was supposed to come about for me and Irene. I glimpsed at my cellphone to see how late it was and gasped. I asked Irene if she needed to be home and she insisted on staying the night with me. We stayed up all night talking for hours. She had told me so much more about her and crazy life. I was hesitant at first to tell her my deepest darkest secrets, but I felt the urge to tell her anything she wanted to know about me.
We chatted all throughout the night until dawn the next morning. We haven’t slept for hours and the sun was beginning to peek through the curtains on my window. I stared at her until I nodded off to sleep pondering how I was going to express these feelings I had for her. This was no longer a crush; I wanted Irene and me to be together.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1996919-Chapter-4-Our-Notebook-Love-Story