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'I am found of you and this is no longer a crush'
Chapter 5

After hours of catching up on sleep, I opened my eyes and seen Irene was still lying next to me. Confused by our actions last night, I smiled and laid there in deep thought. In my mind I desired to be her girlfriend. However, was that the same way she was thinking or could this only be a one night stand? As my mind clouded with immeasurable thoughts Irene had awaken from an extensive night.
I stared into her honey glistening eyes and kissed her on the cheek.
Smiling nervously Irene said “Good morning.”
I wanted to talk to her about last night but I didn’t want the subject to be awkward. I moved off the bed and made my way to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t looking a hot mess. As brushed my hair into a ponytail; Irene asked if she could talk to me about last night. My heart dropped instantly knowing I wanted to talk to her about the same topic.
We sat down on my mattress and she began talking about how she isn’t happy in her current relationship. I obviously knew that however I was more interested in if she wanted me in her life as her girlfriend. I stopped her mid conversation and told her I didn’t care for her situation at this moment. My feelings for her were way too prodigious to ignore.
“I want to be together and I know you feel the same way Irene.”
The look on her face told me she was confused and somewhat relieved. I felt so much better telling her how I felt however what was going on in her mind.
“You know what; I feel the same way D’Atra. My current girl or should I say ex is not for me and this connection we have is very strong between us.”
I jumped with excitement and couldn’t help but smile extra big. She felt the same way as me and now we were going to date. As Irene hugged me tightly; I remembered that my grandmother was coming home today. I had to get everything back to normal before her arrival.

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