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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Emotional · #1996998
The story of a teenage crush
Verse 1
Sometimes I think to myself - that I'd be over you
I laugh at those in love - and call them crazy too
I climb up high and high - and get back on my feet
It lasts for a while
Until I see your smile
And I sigh 'cause I know the whole thing will repeat
Over again
And here's how it goes

Just one second in your presence - one glance at your face
And I'm stripped off of my pride - you've caught me in a daze
Struggling my way uphill - standing right on the edge
And you tip me over
So innocently - yet mercilessly
And now I'm falling
For you-- falling
In love -- falling
Only wishing you were down there waiting to catch me

Verse 2
They say I've gone insane - and ask me what I see
But they don't got no clue - what you mean to me
Every lovesong's about us - you're the Jack to my Rose
In the depths of your blues
I cannot help but lose
Myself 'cause you've got all control
Oh yes you do
Over exactly how it goes


On that typical Saturday night, I'm staring
You pull your bag over one shoulder, leaving
But this time you turn around and walk
To me, saying we've gotta talk
As I watch you push your glasses
Up your freckled cheeks
You look into my eyes
And tell me all you need

Chorus (new)
To be in my presence - put a smile on my face
To throw away your pride - and hold me in your gaze
Struggling to say your words - a red shade spreading up your neck
And you pull me closer
Unhesitantly, yet breathlessly
And once more I'm falling
For you -- I'm falling
In love --- oh yes I'm falling
Now knowing you're right there
With open arms to catch me
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