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A fight for leadership.
Dein dug his claws into the ground, standing at the edge of the ring, to restrian himself from charging at his opponent, Reed.

The whole clan was standing around the arena, waiting with bated breath, for the fight the begin.A fight that would decide who would lead the clan for next, after Wand.

When Wand declared "My son will take over the leadership of the clan from me" The clan, which was not very happy with the abilites of Dein, did not know how to reject the decision.

"That is against the rules" Reed had steeped forward, taking the bold step to speak against the king, "A king is always chosen only when he defeats
his competitors in the arena"

"And who dares challenge my son" King looked proudly at his son, confident that he was the mightiest.

"I challenge him" Reed had declared, to everbody's astonishment.

Their eyes locked into each others, Reed and Dein, stepped into the arena, circliing around it slowly.

Reed,to every one's astonishment, matched Dein in his every move. Even Wand, who seemed relaxed and confident when the fight began, was starting to get worried.

"Dein, you will pay for what your father did to my father in the same arena years ago" Reed, ducked a blow from Dein and to Dein's surprise Reed suddenly moved back towards where Dein was about to land and punched him to the ground making Dein fall with great force.

"Those moves" Wand stared with surprise "were known only to Gorip."

"That is for what your father did to my fahter" Reed pinned Dein to the ground, his eyes rembering the defeat his father,Gorip, had faced against Wand.

With one final blow, Reed got his revenge, ushering in a new era of leadership.
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