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This is the story of the moon and the sun who are in love, but often apart.
My son, once, told me that the moon loves the sun. And this is what came of that... I am considering entering this poem into a contest at the end of June, and would really appreciate honest feedback! Thank you!

The moon loves the sun
and the sun loves the moon,
but they hum the loneliest tune.

The moon rises at night
when the sun's out of sight,
for the sun is what makes the day bright.

But, the sun and moon dance
when they do get the chance
to see each other at twilight.

They reach out to a pond
where their reflections will bond.
They hold steady as if holding hands.

And then their hearts soar,
for how they adore,
this love that is ever so grand.

But then, with a sigh,
they must say a goodbye
as the moon slowly fades away.

They will travel for miles,
but after a while,
they will meet again the same way.

With a smile and wink,
the moon will then sink
beyond the horizon afar.

But, when they meet again,
their hearts will they mend.
For, in love, the moon and sun are.

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