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How interesting could Zodiac of fish be? Smythe is about to find out.
I step up to the window. I didn't want to seem so eager, but I couldn't wait to see what was next.

A strong neon tube casts a surreal sea green light into the booth, creating the illusion that it was filled with water. In the center, a yin-yang symbol floats – as if bobbing on the surface of a lake.

The butler holds his cane out towards me. “Would you like to do the honors?” I nod, take the cane, and tap the ruby head against the window. I was surprised by how thick the ruby felt when it made contact with the glass.

The yin-yang symbol trembled, stilled, then each side broke away as fish. They swam through the seagreen light playfully, until they swim back together, forming the yin yang once again.

From the two fish, something grew. They expanded into a body and limbs, head and feet, and even fingers and toes. There stood a humanoid with a slightly pale color to it. A fin protruded from his spine, and from the back of each webbed hand.

Gills rested on the sides of his body. They widened for a moment, then seemed to realize there was no water, for they closed once again, appearing to become a normal patch of skin.

The man had magnificent hair, thick and braided, falling to his shoulders. It was even more of a seagreen than the light around it.

He opened his eyes. They had the sheen and beauty of a deep, dark blue moonstone. The pupils even seemed to be composed of an obsidian, for they were so purely dark that they might have been the abyss itself.

The strange man took a seat on the floor and crossed his legs. He placed his fingers together, creating the shape of a sphere between his hands. I'm not sure, but I think he was meditating.

“A water creature, representing pisces. Master found this one in the Cyrk constellation. We've actually had him the longest – even got his permission to stick him in the booth. He's one of the most selfless creatures I've ever met. He's intelligent, yet, a mystery.” The butler says. I hand him his cane, he takes it and we begin walking towards the next booth.

“Say, Smythe, how would you like to see that man's home planet?” He asks me.

Now?” I ask in return. The butler chuckles.

“Of course not at this moment. The Celestial Force isn't planning on sending a squad there until the Quadricycle.” He says.

“That... that makes it sound like you would have me travel with the Celestial Force!” I say. The butler twirls his cane.

“No, Smythe. If you can find the patience to look at all these booths with me, I would have you travel as the Celestial Force.”

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