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It's what goes inside a girls head when her crush walks by
Ugh. What a boring day. Just sitting in the class. With that doofus constantly asking geni-ass questions. So annoying. Doesn't he know That people can't stand teacher's pets? What a loser. Probably has no life.
Although I guess he might be a decent guy. They say that nerds can be real sweet. I don't know if it's general but he does seem nice. I mean the way he talked to me that day sure showed it. Very well mannered boy. Shows real interest in conversation unlike other douchebags who talk well only when they need something..something awful.
He's probably a well brought up kid. And I suppose he's not too bad looking for a nerd.. I mean he does have those curious eyes that stare at you to make you feel special.. Not that I felt anything like that. Still he's a major loser who has no life but to impress teachers.
Another half an hour more. Arrrgh.. Oh look he's getting up. Wonder why. Probably to go find his girlfriend..that encyclopedia he's in love with. Carries it around like 24/7. Oh hey I'm sitting in the corner. He's coming this way. I should try and trip him.
Oh wait I don't have to. He tripped over his own shoelace. Maybe Jim, the quarterback tripped him. Awww he's goin red!
Oh he's gonna walk past me now. Ohmygod. Okay breathe.
Oof he just bumped his elbow on my shoulder.
Oh wow he's apologising. Damn he has a sexy voice. Oh god look at that smile.
Crap. What am I gonna do? He probably thinks I'm retarded just staring like that.
I say I'm fine after frowning fakely.
Oh he just went out.
Wow. That was the best 10 seconds of my life.
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