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How a girl sees herself and how others see her
She pulls on a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a tight crop top. She walks over to her mirror, head down, not daring to look at her reflection. She knows what she will see and she’s terrified to look at herself. With all the strength she can gather she looks up and meets her eyes in the mirror. She sees a fat ugly girl who shouldn't bother making an effort. Her face looks defeated. A single tear rolls down her face, she lets it fall. She takes her beautiful brown hair in both hands and piles it on top of her head whilst sucking in her gut. She still feels like she’s nothing special, so she turns away from the mirror and she changes. She’s still wearing the tight blue jeans but they are pulled up a bit more now. She got rid of the crop top, instead wearing a nice loose white one. She then finishes off her look with a dark blue hoodie. She steps in front of the mirror again and sees nothing to be desired.

                  She just picks up her make-up, putting on the mask to hide her true self. She applies the foundation with care, making sure it’s even. Then she gets a brush and puts on blusher, to make her cheeks stand out. Eye-liner is next to make her eyes look more defined, followed by mascara which makes her eyes pop. The last thing she adds is pale pink glittery lip-gloss. She looks at herself again and she feels more human. Her hair was the last thing to do and she left it down, so her waves fell down her back. She stared at herself in the mirror and she hated what she saw. She saw nothing at all. She turned and left.

                  Everyone else sees a beautiful young woman who doesn't see her worth. Her bum stood out and even though her stomach wasn't flat, she is still skinny. She is a little flat chested but no-one seems to care that she lacks in that area. They see her beautiful face and they know that even without the make-up she will be a beauty. Her hair, chestnut brown, looked silky and soft to touch, it was a waterfall of luscious chocolate.  Everyone craved to touch her in some way. They are forever telling her how beautiful she is but she doesn't see it. She cries every night wishing to be beautiful like everyone else. She wishes to fit in. She wishes to love herself. So until she can see how beautiful she is, others will do it for her and they will tell her every day. She may not be perfect but perfect is over-rated. Her smile is her best feature because it's so infectious but she never realises the effect she has on people.  She’s broken and like many broken things, they take a while to be fixed.

                  I wrote this because every girl or woman has felt this at one point but I would like to tell you, that you are beautiful. Love yourself and who you are because you are special. Society has twisted our views on what beautiful is but having a good heart and a kind smile is all that you need. Smile bright ladies you're worth it.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1998521