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A man searches for his brother in an alternate world. Something following him
WARNING: I finally found my old short about zombie like creatures. I had an old account on here about 14 years ago. Here it is. Me back writing when I was 13. Thank you.

The Things

Odin awoke to find himself lying in a haystack. He had no clue were he was. He gazed around the dimly lit tavern like building. While gazing he saw a small-lit lantern, some books with cobwebs on them and a rusty short sword by his right side. He stared at the short sword for a few moments. His hand went to touch the sword but something stopped him from doing so. By the door Odin could hear the shuffling of what sounded like feet. Along with the shuffling came a groan. This groan did not sound human. The door slowly creaked open. Standing in the doorway was what looked like a normal human being? It groaned again and walked toward Odin.
“Hello?” Odin called. It did not answer him.
“Were am I?” Odin asked. The thing got closer to him. Blood trickled out of the things mouth and down to its chest.
“Oh, my god you’re bleeding!” Odin cried. The thing tried to grab Odin and bite him. “What the hell…” Odin said looking confused.
Again the thing tried to bite him. Odin lunged for the short sword. He took the sword and thrust it through its neck. Blood spurted to Odin’s body and on to the floor. Odin was so terrified from this he ran outside of the building.
Odin could not believe his eyes but to see trees as far as the eye could see and two small market stands on either side of him. He heard more groans from within the trees. The path seemed like it would go on forever. Odin still had the short sword in his hand. He needed a better weapon that could fight off the things that roamed the ground he was on. Odin walked to the stand on his left. He found bread and water there. He took as much as he could eat and drink. Odin then walked to the stand on his right. Here Odin found a battle-axe and a long bow. He could not really use the long bow since the short of arrows.
Odin headed down the path. Were was he going?
While walking down the dark gloomy path he thought of what might of happened to him. Maybe it was that he was sent back through time or that he was still sleeping and would wake up any minute.
Again Odin heard the groans and shuffling of the feet. He quickly turned around to see three of the things right behind him. Odin still did not know what these things were or wanted. But he did know that he must run away from the things and not get hurt. When Odin turned back around he couldn’t see the path. It was so dark he could not make out the trees in front of him. Fog was now floating in the air followed by rain poring down were he stood. The things gained on Odin very quickly. They seemed to be intelligent like any human was but cant walk normally and doesn’t talk. Odin had his battle-axe ready for them. One of the things went for Odin’s arm. Odin swung his battle-axe and took the things hand off with a heavy blow. The blood was not much from the other thing he had seen earlier. Another thing grasped Odin’s longbow and broke it in half. Odin was distracted at this and did not notice the other thing behind him. It had got him in the neck. There was a hole were it got him. Flesh and bone was missing from the hole. Odin only saw his own blood gather around his neck down his legs. He staggered toward a tree and sat down. He had to catch his breath. Odin felt cold after awhile and started to shiver. Odin dozed off and slept for what seemed to be an hour or so.
Odin awoke to find he lying in a haystack. He then heard the sound of shuffling of feet and a groan.

Leon fumbled through some old documents. He was looking for his brother’s document on a potion Odin had made up over three years ago. Odin had drunk the potion, which made him sleep for two years. When he was to wake up and feel totally rejuvenated and also live forever. It never happened. Leon couldn’t find the document, which made him very frustrated. After some time he finally found it. “Yes!” He said aloud. Leon thought he would try what his brother Odin did. He read the ingredients to the potion. Luckily his brother had enough ingredients to make one more bottle. Once Leon was done he had to drink the whole bottle and lye down on a bed. The potion made Leon drowsy to were he couldn’t see the bed. He fell to the floor with a thud. Two years had gone by and Leon was still fast asleep. Leon awoke to find himself lying on the floor of an old building. He heard a groan from outside. Leon sprung to his feet and ran to the door thinking it was his brother. He paused at the sound of feet shuffling towards the door. That must be my brother out there he thought. As Leon opened the door nobody was there. The earth stood still and the air was quite. Leon caught himself hesitating and looked around in either direction. He found nothing. Something touched him from behind. Its neck was slit opened with dried blood over its body. Leon did not know what the thing was. It staggered closer to him. The thing tried to bite Leon in the face but he pushed the thing backwards. He ran outside yet to find another thing close by him. Leon again ran and tripped over something hard like metal. It was a rusty short sword. He picked it up and studied it for a while. This distracted Leon and the things had the advantage. They closed in on him. Leon took the sword in both hands and swung at the thing in front of him. With this, the thing’s head flew off and rolled down on the ground. The other thing was on Leon’s left side now. Again he took the sword to both hands and sliced it down the middle of the thing’s chest. Guts dropped to the ground with a heavy SMACK!!! At the sight of the guts and organs, Leon threw up. He dashed down the dark and gloomy that his brother Odin did three years ago. On Leon’s journey down the path he found spots of blood. Up ahead a battle-axe and what looked like a broken bow was sitting on the ground. Leon picked up the battle-axe and threw down the short sword. He thought it would be a better weapon to use against the things that roamed the path. In the distance Leon could hear faint cries of pain and agony. Leon now walked more carefully not to run into trees or those things. He walked for a few more minutes and wound up running into something that felt like a human. “Odin?” He asked. “Help…m…. e….” Said he. Leon looked into the human’s eyes. He seemed to be dreaming with them opened. It was his brother. He wished his brother would snap out of his little dream. Leon smacked his brother in the face. Odin finally opened his’ eyes. “Brother?” He asked sleepily and in pain. “Yes, It is I.” Leon answered. Leon studied his brother to see why he was in so much pain. There was a chunk of flesh and bone missing from his neck. Leon picked up his brother. He steadied him by putting his left arm over his right shoulder. They both staggered down the dark path. Leon and Odin both managed to discover the end of the path. At the end was a bright white light. Leon guessed that this light was there ticket home. He also knew that his brother Odin was dying. It was either now or never. They both walked further into the light. Behind them walked two things. Leon forced his brother to move faster. And then…. darkness. Odin flashed his eyes open. He awoke to find him and Leon in their house. Odin stared at his brother. “Wake up.” He told him. The house was the same since seven years ago to Odin after missing. They then stood up. In the next room a groan came.
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