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Whats happens when a Curious son messes with Dads new shrink ray.
Jason's dad works at a company that made many gadgets and inventions. His dad would always work on a new invention every month and would show them to Jason after he presented it to his company when he came home from work. This time Jason didn't want to wait till later to see the invention, and wanted to see it now. So when his dad was getting dressed for work he would sneak into the room and see what new thing his dad had made.

He waited until his dad went into the bathroom and quickly went into the room to see what his dad had made. He sat down on the bed to find his dad's invention. There was a green box on the bed. It had two opinions, expand and compress wrote on it, and was set to compress. Jason had no idea what it did, but was fascinated by the machine never the less. There was a red button on it, so like may people his curiosity got the best of him and he pressed it. The was a bright flash and Jason shrunk on the bed.

Jason was amazed by his new size. Everything was so big. But that ended shortly when his dad came back. His mountainous sized dad came over to his side of the bed to sit down, and his butt was going to land on Jason. Jason quickly moved out the way but was bounced off the bed, and fell into his dad's mammoth sized shoes.

Jason's dad garbed his shoe which made Jason slide to the opening of the shoe, and he put his enormous socked foot in. Jason screamed for help form his dad but was sliced by his dad's sturdy heel. His dad just though it was just a small rock or something in his shoe. All day he walked on the smashed gut of his late son. After work Jason's dad texted Jason to meet him at a restaurant so he could show him his new invention, unaware that he was already there.
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