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A true tale of keeping your eyes open so you can see small blessings
Sometimes God gives you a gift when you least expect it or maybe even want it.  Take my morning as an example.

Its a beautiful, mild, morning.  There are dark clouds on the horizon but sunshine fills my yard just beyond the window near my desk.  I plop down brieftly to check my e-mail and facebook.  No good e-mail so off to facebook.  I glance at my news feed.  The first thing I see makes my stomache turn.  There she is, my ex-wife and her new man.  For those who dont know me,  My divorce is still very recent and the man in her picture is my former best friend of 40 years.  Not what I wanted to see on a beautiful Saturday morning.  I click out of facebook.  To punish myself for even caring about the picture, I decide to do dishes.

In my house, dishes are done the old fashion way.  I fill the sink with hot water, add soap as the water level rises then add dirty dishes.  My mind wonders as I begin the scrubbing and rinsing process.  Last but certainly not least is my favorite skillet.  It needs real attention.  I overcooked some eggs so there are little bits of egg crust that will not yield unless I call out the scrub brush.  I work the brush over the surface of the skillet vigorously.  Then...it happened.

God gave me a special gift.  A gift just for me.  A gift that shows our heavenly Father enjoys a good laugh too. Out of the corner of my eye I saw them.  A loose group of tiny soap bubbles floating through the air.  The bristles of my dish scrubber had launched tiny droplets of soapy water into the air and turned into tiny bubbles.  My full attention turned to the tiny bubbles as they floated brieflly then popped. 

Not knowing for sure that God had his hand in this, I tried scrubbing the skillet just as before.  No bubbles.  I got the droplets of soapy water but no bubbles.  I tried scrubbing in diffrent directions, diffrent amounts of pressure, faster, slower but still no bubbles.  I stopped trying.  I thanked God for his tiny bubbles.

If I would have made more bubbles with my own effort, I would not have noticed the gift.  How many times in our lives have we failed to see the small gifts that our Father places before us.  Its like an unexpected text from a friend during the work day.  "Hi, have a wonderful day".  Maybe these little gifts are like those texts: "Hey Bruce, I love you, God".

Lets all do ourselves a favor and look for our little gifts.

Thanks for your time.  I have to mop up water off the kitchen floor.  I tried real hard to make bubbles you know.
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