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A reoccuring dream about the woman of his dreams.

He didn't know which he liked better, the light, sweet, almost fruity smell of her shampoo or the slightly stronger, more earthy sent of her perfume.  It really didn't matter to him at this point.  Again, he gently pushed aside her long hair to expose her ear and the back of her neck.  He heard breath catch and felt her body tighten as he lightly nibbled behind her ear and down her neck.  He felt her body relax as the tickel on her neck turned more towards pleasure.  He understood the siganl very well.  He continued to work slowly although he was feeling a growing urgency of his own. 

The campfire crackled and popped as it burned down.  One of the saddle horses called out into the night from his place on the picket.  It was just cool enough at the edge of the meadow that the fire had felt warm and inviting.  He drew back slightly to recall how he had gotten in this position.  He took mental notes and snaped mental pictures.  He had been thrilled when after snacking on campfire melted s'mores, how she moved from his side on the log, to the position she was in now, sitting on the ground, backed up to him, between his  knees.  He kissed her lightly on the back of her neck as his left hand caressed her gently yet firmly on her shoulder.  He felt her relax even more.  He noticed her head beginning to turn towards his.  As he leaned in to kiss her, he knew what this action would bring.  Just before he could see the curve of her face, he began to wake up.  Quickly the dream faded as reality sat in.  It had all been a dream....again.  "If I could just see her face, just once" he said aloud to the only ears that could hear him.  Mathew the cat just stared back at him then shook his head, recurled himself and closed his eyes. 

The clock read 4:44.  He slid out from under the sheets and started his day.  "That's just great" he muttered as a rebuke to the only part of his body that had not yet realized it was a just a dream.  Flipping on the light, he fell easily into his daily routine.  Looking into the mirror, he studied his face and reached for his razor.  " Well, Rexie baby, whats on the fire for today"?  He felt rather odd calling himself Rexie.  As a child, his sisters and all their friends had called him Rexie.  He hadn't minded it back then.  He always remembered his mothers aunt asking his mother why she used a dog's name for her youngest child.  His mother explained that Rex was the hero in one of her favorite books during the time she carried her son.  So there it was, Rex was his name.  He washed the last of the shaving gel from around his neck, ears and goatee.  He stopping briefly to plug in and boot up his ancient computer as he went to his closet for the work jeans and t-shirt he pressed and starched the night before.  He reached into his dresser drawer for a new pair of socks.  In his mind, a new pair of never worn socks had the ability to change his whole day in a positve way.  He dressed quickly.  He heard the click of the coffee makers as it came to life and began to make coffee.  He looked at his phone for the time, 5:00 am, and the coffee was started.  He sat down behind his dinosaur of a computer, tapped a few keys and checked his mail.  Nothing but spam came this early in the morning.  He went to his facebook account to see if his best friend and confidant was online.  "Nope" he said out loud.  He tapped the chat tab and laughed softly to himself.  He saw that she had been on just 17 minutes prior,  looking at Mathew who had now made his way to the antique church pew next to him, he said, "We just missed her".  "I wonder if she every gets to sleep".  With that Matt blinked his sky blue eyes and shook his head.  For the first time that morning, Rex felt a little alone.  He quickly shifted his thoughts back to the unknown woman in his dreams.  "One day" he thought to himself, "I will find you".  The smell of fresh coffee filled the room.  As he left his chair to get his first cup of coffee, he dismissed the feelings of lonliness, after all, it was just another morning.
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