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Poetry for children

Lemurs in the library, Birds in the kitchen sink
Skunks at the movies, Giraffes doing the think
Penguins in the bathtub, dreaming about mars
Frogs going to the store, to buy candy bars

Hippos munching peanut butter, Monkeys having tea
Cats are chasing dogs, Blue Whales are climbing trees
Tigers on the city bus, going downtown
Lions at the circus, laughing at the clowns

Cows drinking chocolate milk, Turtles are racing cars
Bats playing baseball, Leopards are counting stars
Elephants sitting on my couch, there watching TV
Zebras knocking at my door, they have come to visit me

Kangaroos playing hopscotch, Hedgehogs on the swings
Pandas on the merry-go-round, Crocodiles are sewing things
Apes are playing patty-cake, clapping with their hands
Rhinos have some instruments, they're trying to form a band

Flamingos are on skateboards, Warthogs flying planes
Camels eating ice cream, Opossums riding trains
Snakes at the beach, playing in the sand
Gazelles flying kites, there feeling pretty grand

Aardvarks are dancing, Lizards riding bikes
Bears sailing boats, Cheetahs are riding trikes
Sheep at the pool, trying to get a tan
Alligators running around, playing spaceman

It's a day off at the zoo and if you happen to see ---(ending 1)
All the animals all over town, please don't blame me
I was just standing here and happened to find the keys

It's a day off at the zoo, all the animals did look sad ---(ending 2)
I thought I'd let them out, to have some fun
So please don't get mad
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