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Poetry for children

The rain is falling on the roof
The rain is running down the walls
The rain is dripping on my windows
It is filling up the halls

The rain is running down my leg
The rain is dripping in my shoe
The rain is blocking out the sun
It is making me feel blue

The rain is sogging up the ground
The rain is messing up my hair
The rain is making puddles all around
They seem to be everywhere

The rain is cleaning up the streets
The rain is making things grow sweet
The rain is mucking up my playground
I just want to ride my bike around

The rain is wet
The rain is cold
The rain is raining
It's getting old

It's raining up
It's raining down
It's raining sideways
It's raining all around

The rain is stopping
The sun is out
There are people laughing
And walking about

The grass is growing
The flowers bloom
It will be time for bed soon?

It's not fair this is not right
I waited here all day and now it's night
I wanted to go out and have some fun
To laugh and play around, in the sun

I must go out and play
There must be some sunlight left it this day
The shades are drawn its time to sleep
Mom does not want to hear another peep

But now it's time for bed
I have to put my pillow to my head
So I will dream of yesterdays fun
When it was not raining and there was sun
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