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Poetry for kids at heart
The Purple Flower

There once was a purple flower
Who wanted a hug
from day to night
In the day it would follow the sun
and looked at the moon at night
Hoping everything would be all right
A lady bug went crawling by
The purple flower call out
Give me a hug, you little lady bug
But it just kipped crawling
and slowly went away
Then a bee came buzzing by
Give me a hug
Said the purple flower to the bee
But the bee just flew away
There was a caterpillar sitting on a leaf
Give me a hug said the purple flower
But the caterpillar, just sat there eating its lunch
The purple flower looked up at a tree
Will you give me a hug
I'm too busy reaching for the sun
The tall tree said
Then one day a little girl
Came out to play
and picked the flowers from all around
Don't pick me the purple flower yelled
But no one could hear
Then the girl picked the purple flower
and put it with the rest
Oh no! the purple flower cried out
The little girl ran back home
and gave all the flowers to her mom
Her mother reaches down and gave the little girl a hug
The purple flower sighed
I got my hug
The purple flower felt grand and proud
Sitting in a vase, looking out the window
Watching the world go by
and slowly died
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