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by Jen
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about the man or was it just a myth
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I opened the door to this creaky old abandon house and my eyes fluttered to walk through the dim hallway and dare to press onward....... There was a basement downstairs full of cobwebs and a musty smell. I wandered through the dark trying to find some sort of switch to turn on the lights. As I finally reached the string attached to a bulb up above my head, I looked around and saw a old coffin in the corner of the basement corridor. My body then jumped out of my skin to see what could be in this old thing.
As my fingers froze to prop open the coffin, it was empty. I thought to myself what was in here? and were did it go?

The coffin was making me nervous and I was scared to turn off the light, and then go back upstairs. So I went upward into the rest of the house and curious to see what else I would find. Would I dare to press on and see what came next..... So as I came to several rooms in the house I saw old people in pictures from centuries ago. Maybe 1840 I really didn't know. One closeup picture I was very skeptical about because he looked like a Count. The stories I read about Count Vlad the impaler, man more than myth. It was told in 1897 was a high born Romanian court and prominent in European history we read in books about Dracula. The vampire was much more terrifying In the book than his fictional descendant. Prince Vlad was a mass murderer in his century and trusted no one.

As I remembered His black cloak and sharp teeth bloody fangs from his pursed lips to speak utterly, "Good Evening." I still get chills up and down my spine just thinking about the story tale of Dracula (Son of the Dragon) I kept focusing on the pictures when I heard a noise coming from another room down the hallway. Would I dare force myself to move my feet forward and see what the commotion was. Well, I was brave enough to enter the house and now was to see what the noise was too.

As I entered the room I saw a dark figure in the dim light because the room was not very bright to focus my eyes on who it was. The dark figure came towards me and asked, "what are you doing in my house?" I said, "I'm sorry sir, I was just curious to enter this abandon house, and I mean no disrespect." His eyes were blood red in the dark and very scary to mine. For a moment, I thought this tale could not be true to life about a fictional story of this man or was it just a myth as it was said? He came a little closer to me and turned on the light switch. His dark features were a mystery and his eyes were a cold stare of lust lurking at me.

" I will go and sorry for intruding on your privacy," I said. Vlad spoke and said, " No, its quite alright I'm alone and would enjoy some company." He breathlessly sputtered to me. " Come now, follow me into my parlor and I will serve us some wine." I was very intimidated and unsure if I should follow this mysterious stranger. " well, I think I really should be going its very late, sir." I said. "No! nonsense, you will accompany me downstairs for a drink." He took my hand but it was ice cold and clammy and my nerves were like on fire.

What was I thinking to enter an abandon house not knowing what I would find..... No! I must Go now!" I insisted. He just pulled my hand tighter and persisted to drag me downstairs to his lair. I tried to free myself but his grip was too strong to pry my hand from his dead cold fingers. "Please, let me go I didn't mean to enter your house unannounced." I pleaded to flee. He just kept holding me tighter like a rag doll and wouldn't let go. I tried to fight him the best I could but his strength was too unbearable. He took me down to the parlor and made me drink a glass of wine but I kept my teeth clenched and wouldn't open my mouth.

His cold red eyes glared at me and I became mesmerized not able to move from his icy cold hold on me. Then all of a sudden he opened his mouth and I could see the sharp bloody teeth that looked like fangs, and I screamed a blood curdling scream so loud that would even wake up the dead from another town. I pulled from his grip as hard as I could and ran down the hallway out into the darkness never to return to that old abandoned house again! Now,as I said before was this man real or just a myth of someone's imagination, that ran wild reading old books of the legendary Prince Vlad of Romania.
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