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Eva has a real life dream

Word count 720


In a place called Moorador a legend has been born. You may have heard pieces of the story in the past. For the first time the truth about how the monsters of the world have been let loose. Every story has been inspired from this truth that is being passed down for the first time in writing. This goes back to the time before writing where all that there was oral history past down to the bards. There was a time of balance and then things changed. Slowly at first then when the changed was noticed it was too late. There evil being let loose had already tainted everything. Everyone forgot the way things should be and accepted things the way they happened to be.

Evangeline woke up early from a deep sleep and was confused. Looking around her room she saw she was in familiar surroundings. The dream she had contained all the confusion. Getting up out of bed she quickly put some clothes on before anyone else in the house woke and walked outside toward the river. Collapsing at the river's edge with exhaustion Eva fell into a deep, deep slumber.

"Eva. Eva."

Startled Eva opened her chocolate brown eyes and saw that everything was black. Confused she closed her eyes and shook her head hoping to clear the monsters from her vision. She opened her eyes again and everything was still the same. Looking around at her new surroundings she was confused as to who was calling her. She gathered up the courage and called out, "Who is out there?" After getting no response she hears the sound of water and realizes she is lying down on the edge of a river bank except everything is so dark.

Confused about what is happening Eva gets up and starts to walk around. She notices that there are trees and what looks like grass. Touching the bark with her right hand and muttering to herself, "This feels like a real tree except everything here is black and the smell is awful." Looking around again she says, "What is this place?"

"Eva. I am so glad you have made it back to me. I thought you had run away for good this time. You are always running. Why is that?"

The three headed creature was sauntered towards Eva and she fled in fear. She tripped over something and landed in a sludge hole. Sitting up covered in the worst smelling stench she has ever smelled and mutters to herself, "What did I ever do to deserve this?" Taking a deep breathe Eva looks around at her surroundings trying to figure a way out.

A shadow appears over the hole and bellows down at Eva, "Eva. So nice of you to visit me again. We had such fun last time you were here. Why do you keep disappearing on me? Looks like you will not get far now. Such a pretty thing stuck in a hole. I think I will keep you."

Before Eva looked up at her captor the most putrid smell filled her nostrils. The vile creature was so dark, the darkest black she has seen with a puke green mist surrounding his three heads. The three dog-like heads with big shiny white teeth put the fear in her. Scrambling back as far in the hole as she could Eva, looks around wildly for a way out. At this point anything to help will do.

"Eva. You are so quiet. No need to be afraid. I will take care of you. I am the keeper of the world of the living and the world of the dead. I will take care of you."

"No. You vile three-headed dog creature. I will find a way out of here. I will," Eva responded in a determined voice. As she said this an amazing thing happened. She started to fade.

While this was happening to her all she heard was, "Nnnoooooooooo!"

Waking up from her slumber she startled herself by almost falling into river she replayed the events in her mind. Some things seemed fuzzy then she realized all of the awful events were just a dream. Looking around to look at what the awful smell was that came back with her and when she looked down at herself, she realized that it may have been real. The sludge was still on her clothes. She says to herself, "What really happened to me?"

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