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by J'nell
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Life after high school. The spice of life is in paths chosen . Go forward open minded.
As the days of summer lessen, there are so many newly graduated high school seniors, starting down the pathways of their adult lives. Graduations have commenced, releasing scholars from the comfort of academic routines. This fresh young crop, will now actively search for their next phase of life. Great adventures await, whether
starting college or embarking upon life in the real world. This time in a young persons life is both beautiful and mystical. The pathways are abundant and choices unlimited. It is a time to look inward and reassess hopes and dreams. A time to try to really get to know yourself, know your likes and dislikes firmly. Remember, this is your path and your path alone. As hard as it sounds, this path needs to be orchestrated with your goals in mind. If you try and follow another's path, the road may become emotionally bumpy. Follow your dreams honestly.

Opportunity will knock on many doors along the path. Knowing which one to open can be daunting. As you open these doors, it may be for only a second. Behind a door it is not uncommon to find experiences not anticipated. Experiences that once seemed perfect for you. now do not seem right for your path. That is ok. Every door opened provides a look into your soul. Observe well, as so much is to be learned from every wrong path chosen. These wrong paths or detours weren't really wrong at all. Detours help you to solidify with certainty the right path. There may be more than one wrong path. Do not get discouraged. You are merely exploring the wonderful opportunities that lay before you! Detours may provide you with experience and learning you never imagined possible. Embrace life's detours as they are the little road trips off the path that enrich your journey.You must never look back on your life with disappointment, but hold fast that there is something better meant to transpire further down the road. Take the feelings disappointment and use the energy to create strength. You never know what will land in your pathway.
Life itself is just a series of pathways, even in adulthood. Most choose a path, a profession, and follow it until retirement. Many will follow different paths all at once. There is no right way or wrong way to travel your path.
Finding the beginning of the path, for the first time, as many graduates are doing is exciting! Your attitude at the beginning of the path could determine your attitude towards your journey for years to come. Jump out of your box and start this amazing journey with confidence. Live your life fully. Explore your dreams and search for pathways to make your life rich and fulfilling. Go forward down the pathways of life with peaceful strength to become what ever you desire. Your dreams are as close as you decide the should be. Your pathways are unlimited!

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