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that's what knuckles are for.!!
When tallying is done - not at end of our life but at that point we stop moving so fast - when we slow our pace from action to inaction, when regret sets in, it will be about what we didn't do, what we didn't experience, what we didn't know, and when we knew we didn't know it ...

Life seems to me, to be a series of plans made, and not.
Of actions taken, and not.Starts we didn't, false starts, failed plans, failed to plan ...Starts. Fresh starts. Do-overs.

We shouldn't miss chances at those. As each day passes, some number of opportunities pass us by, or we pass them by - whatever the sentence structure, we let them go untried, untested, un-attempted.
Too little understanding, too late, too painfully late.Opportunity doesn't always knock. Most often, we have to go knock on its door - ask if it would like to come out to play.If the door isn't answered we can keep knocking, knock down the door - or we can knock on the next door, and the next, and the next.

However little or much we might accomplish - we should knock more on any door we can find to say: hello, my name is opportunity and I would like to happen to you.We'll be wrong a lot.We'll look back on these adventures one day and say (or someone else will say to us), that day, that knock and that opportunity - that was the best thing I've ever done.

If I knock, will you let me in?
If you knock, will I let you in?
Nobody knows if nobody knocks.
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