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romantic peotry
-SHE enters the world
As a dream
She holds me
Close to her chest

I love this beauty
Who stands before me?
That she be
Her heart carries me to the heaven

I dream of things
That cannot be
But is
The love that I feel is real

Sensual beauty
I see is thee
I come to you
When me heart is yearning

What do I see
But an angel
That is all
I see

You are beauty
My angel
That cannot be

But is
An angel that must be
What you are
Softly you arrived on this orb

You are the song
That arrives upon my ear
You are the dove
That sings of the most beautiful things

Your song calls to me
I hear it as it falls from thy lips
You speak of things
I have only dreamt of

You sing of beauty
That I see
In thy form
You are a dream

You speak to me of beauty
That I see
Draw me near
Of this beauty

You be
There are times when you hope
Your delicate words speak to me
Of many things

The sun carries me
To the land where dreamers
The cresando is music

I only have dreamt
Of beauty such as thee
It cannot be
Hold me

I see
It is by your gentle words
That carries me

I dream of thee
Fair angel
That you be
Come to me

Sweet angel
See what we
Shall see
Love is all I offer thee
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