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BEGIN WITH WILD EXPECTATIONS... and never ever quit..!!!
I didn't start with wild expectations, but yet I've had wildly exciting expectations nonetheless.Still do.Nobody in my life of any mattering avoids my expectations, or I theirs.Disappointment seems constant companion of expectations, mostly our disappointments in failing to meet expectations of how we might meet someone else's.

Fool's game we all play. And in that it seems we are inevitably alike.
In terms of others, their expectations of our expectations of them, confusion simply compounded.It is completely absurd to have expectations of anyone - except of ourselves and then it is absurd how absurd those expectations are.If we have no expectations, do we avoid being disappointed and better than if we had?
Likely not.So what is it we want that, when we don't have it, makes us feel less good, less valued, less successful, less fulfilled?
And where, and how, does attitude fit that equation?
If I have expectations of failure, I'll likely increase my failure chances.
If I have expectations of success, I'll likely increase my success chances.

Love this quote. I'm considering having this painted on a wall:
"Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations." - Ralph C.I've not lowered my expectations.
I feel better. I've reduced my requirements, reduced my footprint, reduced my angst about meeting needs. Suddenly so many decisions have become so much simpler.

Raising, not lowering, expectations has to be key to high achievement.
And how does that equate to happiness?Good question.
We can easily spend our whole lives in search of that answer.
Aren't we the lucky ones!
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