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Chapter one
Natalie's pov:

          "I cant believe it" I told my best friends Suzy, Ash, Maura, Pey, and Liv. "What" they all reply. " I cant believe that in one week we are going to see the hottest boy band of all time. ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! I cant believe that  we got V.I.P tickets with backstage passes." "I know right our dreams of meeting one direction are finally coming true. We are going to be so close to them" Liv adds. "We might be able to give them hugs" Ash Pipes in. "We all know Pey might sneak in  a kiss to liams cheek" suzy says. "Shut up!!!! and maybe I will but its not like any of you might not sneak one in especially you miss Natalie" pey says/yells. "Maybe I will pey as we all know I have a crush on Niall."  I have a huge crush on Niall. I don't know why I do but I do. I think it was ever since I saw him on the video diaries and twitcams. Speaking of twitcams I do one every Wednesday for an unkown reason I just like doing them. I keep hoping that maybe the boys will watch. I also do have a youtube channel for how tos and other things but I mostly use it on Beauty. Since I go to school for that design/Beauty. Cause I want to be a Designer/Make up person. I do both because I challenge myself and I am sort of the smart one of the group. I get straight A's in both of my majors. I really don't know how I do it all. I am a........... "Natalie......Earth to Natalie" All of them yell. "WHAT" I yell as I snap out of my thoughts. " What were you thinking about that caused you to go to a different realm" Ash says curiously. "I think I know who..... NIALL FREAKIN HORAN.. That's who she was thinking about right Nat." Liv says. They all laugh." Wow thanks Liv for saying that I am obsessed over him cause I am no where near obsesses" I say to her.

Nobodys Pov.

As we all Laugh I hear my annoying younger sister Call out for me. "Nat why are you guys laughing so loud and I am hungry can you make me some food please?" Crystal asks me.  "We are laughing because we want to and thinking of the 1D concert and No you have two hands go use them." I say to her "YOUR GOING TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!"She yells.  "and cause I am too lazy to cook my own food." She adds to her previous statement. " yes we are and NO you can not come Crystal. And go make your own food before I tell mom that you stole her favorite pair of shoes." I tell her sternly. "Fine I will go make my own food and can you get me a shirt please when you go" She says. " fine whatever now can you leave please we are in a very important discussion" I say. She then walks out of the room. "Finally she left" Sighs pey. "She is sooo annoying" adds in Suzy. "What should we do" asks Ash. "We could watch a movie and then after the movie is done we can dance to one direction songs" I say to them. "YESSSSSSSS MOVIE TIME" Every one yells.

as everyone settles down into a comfortable position I start the movie. " The heat"

2 1/2 hours later:

" Oh my gosh that movie was soooo funny" Ash says

"I Know right. Sandra bullock and Melissa Mcarthy are really funny together" I add in

" They should do more movies together" Liv pipes in.

We all nod in agreement.


"YEESSSS!!!!!!" we all yell in unison.

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