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The problem with my fiancee.
One summer night he sat in a drunken stooper obilivous to his mistress's desires, who has just come in top met him there as usual dressed in a very sexy cocktail dress, she draws him to her mouth to kiss him, she caresses his face with her delicate hand, whispers in his ear, "Hi handsome! Do you want to come to my place for a martini and we can get down to business. She purred.

"Is that, not going tobe risky!" Edward asks, he sees that he could be caught,
He could suggest to Eliane that he is going to be gambling. In the casino, mind you there are a few closed sessions, you can sit in on. So, he could go there. To be safe, from her watching eyes.

The reason, they were in the company gave them a vacation as a means to celebrate the amalgamation of two companies that were impossible to see eye to eye with, until he spoke up.

Elaine had called to speak with her fiance at work.

The secretary says,"Edward is at the hot too trot bar!"

Elaine decides,'I will be in there and join him for our lunch date! Today!' SHe heads to the bar to the bar to see what is happening there.

Elaine sees him and this blonde vixen at a table. She is nibbling his ear. On the table is a bottle of champagne and a red rose. She watches them for a few minutes, They leave through the back door, the place is rumored to have rooms there for hanky panky,

She storms over to the table sees company cards on the table with various girls depicted on them in various states of undress. The company logo is Diva's Fantasy. Girls and more girls for your delight.

Later on, after telling Darcy about the problem, who suggests, he will have a friend of his look into the matter for her. Give him some time. He will see what he can do for her.

She receives in the mail, the photos that the detective took of him and the blonde woman. In-various states of undress and couplings some of which she would not have dream t of doing with him or anyone else. For that matter.

He told her, it was a one time thing. This does not look like a one time thing does it. She got the photos the day before the cruise. She decides taht she will confront him, there. Tell him, she will file for divorce, when they get back home.,

She sees the blonde woman aboard the ship. she knows it is her, but she has dyed her hair to be a brunette, and has cut her hair., She is not wearing her usual shoes, Elaine knows who she is even with the disguise.

She did not know, how she arranged to be here?

Her intention was to show him the photos on their last day on this cruise.

She comes in search of him on that day. Where he has told her he would be was the casino?

She finds out that she can not see him there, He might be where there would be a few closed door sessions, where they would play for undisclosed amounts of money. She knew he did not have enough money to go there. He had to be somewhere, but where?

She approaches the Matre'd and asked him if he has seen Edward.

He does not responded.

She asks,"How much do you need?'

He looks at her as if she has lost her mind.

Then she rummages around in her purse. To pull out a wad of money with which to get where Edward was?

The matried looks at her, as she asks>"Is this enough?"

He looks at her in an air of disbelief. "Indeed! What do you wish?"

"Where is Edward?", she snarls.

"Wel, he was with?" he taps his cheek trying to find the right word for her to be described, to this woman here.

Elaine confronts him, by showing him a few of the pictures of her (the vixen) with him. declares,"Her?"

"Yes, if she has had a dye job, and changed her hair style it is her! She and he left together!" , he warned.

"Do you have a picture of her and him together?", she asks as she looks around the casino. Seeing woman and men taking pictures of the patrons there. However she knows he and she are not stupid enough to be in those shots.

"We film the casino to make certain every thing here is in order. Or is most profitable if nothing goes wrong here."the matred suggests. I will arrange for you to find the picture of her?'

After she gains the photo she heads to speak to security on the ship. She walks inside their office, and shows them the photo. "I want to find her? Who is she?"

"Lady Palmer, cabin 3 deck 4!" the security officer states.

"Thank you!",She picks up the photo barrage that the detective took of them together from their room. She heads to the room of Lady Palmer as if.

The door is not locked odd. She hears no sounds from there other than some romantic music wafting over the chamber, a magmun of champange and cavier and escargo are on a tray there/. There are two lipstick stained wine glasses, and one still half drunk glass. She presses her ear to the door leans on it. She knocks. The door opened silently. Surely they would have taken time to lock the door, unless he was in such a rush to get busy with her not too.

He was stupid, but not that stupid. It opens to reveal a couple of lumps on the bed. She throws the envelope onto the bed.

Edward is not usually a sleep now.
She looks around the room to see his blazer and pants on the chair, also sees two sets of hi heels, and two bathrooms on the floor beside the bed. She creeps over lifts the blanket to see a tangle of arms and legs, There is a strange scent in the air it smells like smoke, but not quite. There are holes in the bed, as well as the blankets and sheets. On the rug were strange brass discs, looking tiny.

She walks over to the tangle to find that there were bodies attached to the arms and legs. Three of them two woman and a her husband. They were dead. They were shot. But by how? It was not her as she just arrived here. On the bureau were photos of two women in various stages of sexual congress and a huge wad of money there.

The money is not enough! was stated in an letter on the bureau.

She is inside the room, looking about finding a large trunk large enough for her fiancee to fit inside, She is going to need another set of hands to move him , before the maid service looks in on her tomorrow morning.

She could ill ford to have her fiancee found in this compromising circumstance, his father had suggested she would not be woman enough for him, and he was right. If he vanished she would make a tidy some on his insurance policy. Murdered would not give her a good equation.

She knew Darcy was here on the cruise ship too, Maybe she could talk him into helping her. She knew he had an interest in her long ago. Still had those interests to day.

She would have to see him straight way. He usually was in the restaurant around now, pouring over those papers, that he worked for his brother in law with. He usually had a gaggle of girls with him. He thought he was a stud. Well was handsome in a masculine sort of way. Rich, he could anywhere tomorrow.She needed his help to day. Most assuredly, she would need his help.

"Darcy, I implore you? You must come quickly to help me!" Eliane begs.

"Its two in the morning!"

"I know its late... But tomorrow, he will be found!"

"Who will be found?"


"I thought, that was what you wanted!" he asks incredulously, as he wiped his mouth the crumbs of the meal he was eating as she walked in.

"Not like .." she put her hand to her mouth trying to grasp enough air to complete the sentence, tears rolling down her cheeks.Takes him by the arm, "Come with me, and you shall see! Come!"

She takes him away from his meal, that he was about to consume, by half dragging him with her to the room, where the three bodies lay in the bed. Nudges the cabin door open, it is black as pitch.''

"I do not know what that smell is?" she asks

"The smell is cordite, That you are smelling in there. Those holes are bullet holes!",Darcy advises her as he looks around the bed seeing her photos that the detective sent her of him and her together., The sheet and blanket was pulled away from the bodies to reveal them there. "And say no more! I will help you with the body!"

"But who besides me, would want her dead!", Elaine asks as she puts her arms under Edward's arm pits and Darcy grabs his feet. They put him in the trunk.
"That is going to reek to high heavens as soon as the insects make note of him being there." ,Darcy warns.

"What should we do about it?" she asks him as they drag the trunk out of the room. in an effort to hide the body, for the moment. They lug the trunk to the side of the vessel. A thick bank of fog rolls in they throw him over the side.

8 hours later, the maid finds the two woman in the bitchs bed. Dead from being shot by a gun. There are two sets of photoes there, one of two woman in various forms of sexual congress. A bundle of money in with a bank tab on it on the bureau.

Security wakes everyone up. Finds that Eliane is without her fiancee, but he was on the photoes that are in the room. He might have done this to, stop her from blackmailing him. His bank transactions had gone askew.

The police take an interest when they arrive at the harbor.

Edward has vanished, Darcy is now wooing Eliane.

She does not know, who killed her fiancee? To this day?
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