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We’re all engaged in the business of ideas.
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Attention: Marco Brune

Dear Marco Brune:

We’re all engaged in the business of ideas.Idea that started it all is an article for that gives us glimpse of what is inherent and stored within all mankind.
Ideas that are (mostly) born of an inspired connection - that perfect moment when the key slides through the lock, the door opens and the light filters through. A moment of Divine revelation, a beautiful epiphany.

As a Idea unlimited subscriber for last 4 years ( all brilliant ideas posted ). I am very familiar with your publication, and feel this article would be a positive addition to the “Ideas can change” section of the magazine. The article is 4, 648 words, and has been divided into categories that brings a clear light on origination and unraveling of original ideas , with changes it has brought to mankind.

Everything around you, every form, name and feeling, provides a fertile breeding ground for spawning idea after idea.

A veritably endless series of possible permutations and combinations.

Pluck whatever from wherever, marry it with another and there you have it – an idea.

We discover them, give a definition to their consciousness, put them into a fanciful mould and set them on their way to lure and entertain people in this circus called life.

In so many ways, we mirror what God started.

He plucked our individual souls from their dormant kernels of Consciousness. He gave us a form, only to free and imprison us, both at the same time.

And knowingly or unknowingly, we follow His trajectory. Because in everything we think, feel and do, there lies an idea. Let’s build a house, let’s go for a walk, let’s eat dinner. They may seem like random thoughts, but they all originate from somewhere, spontaneously bubbling up as ideas from within.

It’s not just in what we do as human beings. The ideation behind His creation is there all around us, plain to see. Leave a sack of rice by itself for a reasonably long time and you will open it to find creation within.

Perhaps the entire point to living from idea to idea is to get to that singular, ultimate idea. The idea that started it all. The idea that spontaneously led the calm, endless ocean of Consciousness to create waves, ripples, bubbles in its own form. The Idea that sparked off creation, began life.

Not by accident, but by Divine choice. All this I can write as I am in-charge of Incubator lab promoted by Microsoft and have experienced miracles happening in software field due to implementation of all these ideas in Android phones, e-commerce sites.

I’ve been writing articles for several years, and have had many of my articles featured in "Heavenly Ideas", a small newspaper that the "U Have it in U publication publishes each month. I’m also a founding member of 'Patenting Ideas' the editorial group which publishes a monthly e-zine for creative and upcoming inventors, and I’m a contributing editor to “Ideas Now,” an online site teaching nitty gritty of creative ideas and their practical implications.

Thank you for your time,



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