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by Paul D
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2002670
Memt 'tasa's routine patrol is interrupted.
This story was written with DyrHearte writes who wrote the first part "Beginning: Encounter on Charis

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"I'm sorry, Memt 'tasa, I'll be right back."

Beau caught Max at the hydroponics airlock. "You may be the expedition commander, but you can't treat my guests in that manner."

Max jerked away, harshly replying, "It's most likely a spy."

Beau grimaced and said, " Memt 'tasa's not a spy; he wants to help us. Without the Surl 'pena's technology, our colony will not survive."

Max laughed. "He? It's a freaking alien, and you may be next on its menu." Max entered the airlock, walking toward the administration building.

Beau returned to Memt 'tasa. "I'm sorry for Max's behavior. His bark is much worse than his bite."

"Heed my warning, Beau," Memt 'tasa replied. "Max is lethal."

He looked at Memt 'tasa carefully; it was hard to read his alien expression. "You're a mind reader?"

"I didn't read his thoughts. His actions speak loudly, so our agreement stands?"

"Yes, we have a custom of shaking hands to seal an agreement. Do you have something similar?"

Memt 'tasa nodded his head and answered, "Yes."

He held out his hand, and Memt 'tasa shook it firmly.

"He's back."

He turned around to see Max, wearing a full environ-suit with a nano-ton strapped to his right hip.

"You should go now," Beau advised Memt 'tasa.

"Oh, I think it's too late. We already made our agreement."

"I'll meet him at the airlock and see if I can calm him down." He ran toward the airlock, arriving as Max entered with the nano-ton aimed at him.

Suddenly, the nano-ton was on the ground with Memt 'tasa standing over it. Beau picked it up.

Beau stood on the yellowish brown soil of Charis, staring at Oikia suspended in space above the horizon. He turned at the sound of a step to see Memt 'tasa.

"I won't ask how you crossed from one side of the room to the other in a flash. I will do my best to keep the agreements we made."

Memt 'tasa said, "I know you will. Hold out your left wrist."

Beau held out his wrist and watched while Memt 'tasa did a data transfer to his Personal Compact Computer.

Max's trial with the video evidence was quick. It was puzzling that Memt 'tasa didn't show up on the video, but it only helped to convict Max, who continued to rant and rave about an alien presence.

Beau stood on Oikia, watching the completion of the first dome. He looked to the sky where a satellite with a magneton flew. Any asteriod nearing the planet would be diverted by an opposite magnetic field.

He remembered his promise to never mention Memt 'tasa or the Surl 'pena. It didn't seem fair that the true history of humans on this planet would never be known.


Word count 461 {Story only. It does not include notes}

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