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by shinn
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Comedy · #2002886
Military tanks turned into anime girls with tank based weapons!
Episode 1/part 1, Odd best friends.

One peaceful sunny day in a small town in Japan, a young girl was walking along a small road, on her way to school. The area around the girl was suburban with houses all along the road she walked. The girl was of average height, average chest size and had a slim figure. She had odd bright brown hair that was long enough to reach her waist on the right side but towards the left side it got shorter and shorter. On the far left of her head, her hair only reached the base of her neck. Her eyes were blue, on the right and then brown on the left. She wore a typical school uniform with a brown over shirt, a white under shirt and a brown skirt.

This girl walked ahead with a worried expression on her face and just couldn't keep her arms at her side. The girl grabbed the school bag at her right side and thought, "Okay, it'll be fine. Who's going to notice my hair? Plenty of people have odd hair styles. Like that pompadour thing guys have. My angled hair can't be that bad...Dammit Nio! Why do I keep agreeing to sleep with her? What normal sisters sleep together?"

The girl continued walking as calmly as she could but she was in the middle of a mental breakdown. As she walked ahead, she soon reached a part of the road in which there were other people wearing the same uniform as her. Most paid no mind to her but, a couple of girls looked at her curiously. The brown haired girl began sweating bullets and thought, "Yep.... I'm going to die of embarrassment today. I had a long 15 year life....right?"

The brown haired girl continued on, eventually arriving at her school. The girl passed through the school gates where a teacher standing there gave her a curious look. The girl ignored this teacher and moved onto the the school entrance where someone suddenly said, "Airi....What happened to your' hair?"

The girl, Airi turned to her left and saw a girl, far taller then she is with short messy white hair and bright green eyes. The girl also had the bust to match her amazing height. This girl had the same school uniform on but hers was a little short of her. Her mid-drift was ever so slightly visible. The girl looked down at Airi with a caring expression that said, "I want to know but...somehow i don't too." Airi looked up at this girl and said, "....Oh Mei.... I didn't expect you to be here."

Mei crossed her arms and said, "I always wait for you here."
Airi rubs the back of her head and says, "Oh right. I don't suppose you could just..."
Mei interrupts Airi and says, "No. Spill it."
Airi sighs and says, "My sister cut it while i was sleeping."
Mei looking surprised, says, "Wow. I knew your sister was evil but i think she got an upgrade to the freakin' devil." Airi takes comfort in the fact Mei was agreeing with her but, then Mei asked, "So why not cut the rest?"
Airi's expression goes to hell and says, "Oh well, you see. My hair takes a while to grow and if i cut it I'll never have this long hair again."

Mei and Airi enter their school together and Mei says, "Your logic sucks. It looks ridiculous as is."
Airi sighs again and says, "I know but..."
Mei interrupts Airi again and says, "You realize your' gonna have to cut just one side until the other side grows back, right?"
Airi blushes and says, "Oh...I thought you were going to stop picking on me!"
Mei blushes too and says, "Jeez, i know, i know. I'm sorry. Man, how long can you hold a grudge for?"
Airi smiles with some evil intent and says, "A while."
Mei sees Airi's expression and says, "Your' evil sometimes. You do know that, right? Aren't we friends now?"
Airi smiles and says, "Of course! I just still hate you for bullying me."

Mei gives up and she and Airi continued onto class together. Once at their classroom, 1-A, the two walk over to their seats which were in the back, next to each other. Airi looked at Mei and thought, "I still can't believe that a week ago Mei was bullying me and now were best friends." Airi looks around and then continues thinking, "I bet people think we're an odd pair." Airi looks at the nearby window and suddenly enters into a flashback of sorts.

"One week ago"

Behind the school, Airi is being surrounded by three girls who included Mei among them. The other two were random cliche gang girls. Airi looks at the three girls around her and thinks, "Oh shit. I knew going to get a drink here would be a bad idea." Airi looks to the three girls around her and says, "So what's up today? (Bitch 1, Bitch 2 and Mei)"

The first gang girl looked at Airi and says, "You know the drill, just hand us your money and lunch as always."
The second gang girl holds up her right arm and says, "Otherwise you might end up with a few scratches."
Mei looks at Airi and says, "So what will it be?"
Airi smiles and says, "How about...." Airi summons tank treads to the outside sides of her feet and continued saying, "I run for my life?"

Airi started up her treads and drove off, away from the three girls surrounding her. Mei orders the two gang girls after her and they equip their tank treads as well. Airi looks back while driving down the road leading to school and sees the two gang girls behind her. Suddenly both gang girls equip their tank cannons to their right hands and take aim at Airi. Airi quickly equips her steel back armor which spreads out over her entire back. Even though from behind this armor seemed attached to Airi, it was actually a few inches away from her back, attached to Airi with another piece of steel.

The gang girls opened fire on Airi but only hit her armor. Their tank shells bounced off Airi's armor and left virtually no damage. Airi's body was a little heavier with this armor but she was still able to keep her speed and even speed up a little more. Airi felt a few more shells hit her back and thinks, "I like that my armor is really strong but this still kind of hurts." Airi speeds up a bit more and then slips into an alley after making the first turn she could make. Airi stays in the alley and watches the gang girls pass her by. Airi watches them drive away and then drives back on to the road she was on, going back home.

Airi smiles confidently and says, "Oh i love that Mei's gang is so stupid. Well time to get home since they'll kill me if i go back to school right now. Time to fake a cold!" Airi de-equips her back armor and keeps her tank treads on as she drove on home. Airi smiles happily while driving, feeling her long, uncut, brown hair flowing in the wind. Airi fixed a bit of her hair and said, "I wonder if I could of beaten those girls? Those other "Tank girls" were light weight "BT-2" tanks and Mei is a medium weight "M3 Lee" tank."

Airi equipped her tank cannon to her right hand and rotated it 360 degrees and then pointed up and down. Airi looked at her hand and said, "My AA/AV shells could do some damage and I have range and rapid fire on my side but Mei would bring me down while I dealt with those other two." Airi de-equipped her cannon and said, "Good thing I ran then. Now I can keep my money, my lunch and not have my ass royally kicked."

Airi continued driving home and upon getting home, she saw her mother collecting the mail outside of her house. Airi's mother had long brown hair light like her daughter but both her eyes were blue. She was a bit taller then her daughter and a bit larger in the chest area but that was to be expected. She didn't seem a day over 20 but in truth was 40 years old. And she wore a typical housewife outfit consisting of a brown shirt, a long dark green skirt and the typical white apron. Airi saw her mother and said, "Hi mom. I'm home a little early."

Airi's mom, Takao, saw her as well and said, "Oh Airi! What are you doing home so early? Isn't it only lunch time for you?"
Airi drives passed her mother and then says, "I just didn't feel well, so I decided to come home early today."
Takao goes through the mail while saying, "But you felt well enough to drive home? That's seems odd."
Airi de-equips her treads quickly and says, "Oh uh... you see.. well...."
Takao turns to her daughter, smiling and says, "Don't worry. As long as you don't make a habit of this, its fine for today. Just don't tell your father. Remember last time?"
Airi shivers and says, "I remember and I would rather forget. I don't think I saw dad get so angry and then so drunk ever before."
Takao smiles and says, "Alright well could you go play with your sister? I need to go grab some things from the market."
Airi goes silent for a second and then says, "Alright....."

Airi goes into her normal, two floor home and once she was in the living room, she saw her little sister, Nio, sitting down on the couch, watching T.V. Nio was basically a clone of Airi except she is only six years old, has far shorter hair, is far shorter height wise and has brown eyes. Airi looked at her sister a little worried and said, "Hey Nio. Do you want to..." Before Airi knew what was happening, Nio had already jumped right on her.

A while later, Airi was laying in her room, about to go to sleep. Airi had gotten in to her cute pink pajamas and was now just sitting on her bed, cleaning her tank treads. This was a difficult process but Airi had started some time ago and was almost done. Airi wipes down the outside of her treads with a towel and says, "Hmm... and.... done!" Airi puts her legs down and looks over her treads before saying, "Alright now I'm all clean. My treads feel so good now that they're clean."

Airi de-equips her treads and lays down flat on her bed after shutting her room's lights off. Airi smiles and says, "Tomorrow is Saturday so at least I don't have to deal with Mei and her gang but...." Airi rolled over on her bed onto her side and says, "I really do need to kick their asses before I'm coming home early everyday or lose any more lunches and any more money. Hmm..." Airi smiles on and then happily goes to sleep.

The next morning, Airi is out walking down a road on her way to the market. She had on a casual outfit that consisted of a brown shirt, red vest and a red skirt. Airi smiles while walking and says, "Alright I'll go grab that milk for mom and then I'll be free to sit at home all day, watching anime." Airi walked along for quite a bit and soon found herself passing the same road and same alley she used to hide yesterday. Airi looked to the alley as she passed it and said, "Oh I forgot this was the quickest way to the market. Good thing I don't need to hide today."

Airi continued walking until she heard the bang of a tank shell being fired behind her. Airi turned back and figured the sound came from the alley. Airi looked at the alley, worried and said, "I really shouldn't but....." Airi turned around and walked over to the alley. She then looked down it and saw four girls. One girl was Mei and the others were the two gang girls from yesterday and one new gang girl. Mei had her tank treads and her right hand cannon equipped but both were broken as if someone attacked her. On Mei's left hand was a long machine gun, that wasn't broken and she had it pointed at the girls that surrounded her.

The other girls had their tank cannons and treads out and had their cannons pointed at Mei. The third gang girl looked at Mei and said, "Not so high and mighty now huh?"
Mei held her machine gun up and said, "....dammit....." Unlike usual, Mei seemed very timid and almost shy. Airi was shocked, she honestly thought Mei would of beat them down long before this scene happened. The more Airi thought about it, the more this seemed like a cheap sneak attack. Either way Mei was hurt and needed some help. Though... Mei had been bullying Airi for the last two weeks so Airi could not say she hadn't thought about just leaving Mei there and letting whatever just happen.

This thought passed quickly and Airi equipped her full tank load-out. Airi had on her back armor and a tank cannon on both her hands but now also had steel armor over her arms and legs that didn't cover her limbs. Instead they looked more like shields then anything else. Airi even had a small circular piece of metal, floating over her right eye that acted as a reticle. Airi hadn't been seen by anyone yet, so she happily paid the gang girls back with the same kind of sneak attack they used on Mei.

However Airi was a little more cheap about it. Before firing, Airi rotated her cannons up a bit and then fired. The two tank shell flew through the air and struck the first and second girl in the back of their heads. The two rounds knocked the two girls out and they dropped to the ground. Before the third girl knew what was happening, Airi loaded her left hand cannon again and hit her in the head too. With all three gang girls knocked out cold, Airi drove up to Mei and said, "Mei! Are you okay? I'll carry you if you need me to."

Mei didn't know what to think but her right hand somehow ended up in Airi's left hand. Airi was shorter then Mei by about two feet but she did her best to get Mei on her back armor and then drove away. Mei stayed quiet as Airi drove her all the way to a nearby "Tank girl shop" that had engineers to fix Mei up. It took a little while since Mei was so messed up, but she was soon enough fixed. Airi made sure Mei was alright but then left, long before Mei could get out of her daze and thank her.

"Two days later."

Airi was sitting in her class at school and suddenly Mei walked up and sat next to her. This wasn't her normal seat but she sat here all the same. Mei looked at Airi quietly at first but suddenly opened her mouth and said, "I'm sorry."
Airi looked at the tall, intimidating girl next to her and said, "Huh?"
Mei blushes and says, "....I'm sorry that I picked on you. And here."
Mei placed something on Airi's desk and Airi says, "What's this?"
Mei places one hand over the other under her desk and says, "Its...the money I stole from you. I'm a pretty good cook so I can make some lunches for you too if you want me to."
Airi smiles and says, "Okay but I like my omelets a certain way and..."
Mei becomes shocked and says, "Huh?!"
Airi looks at Mei curiously and says, "Since I saved you the other day, you're trying to say sorry and make up for picking on me, right? Well i want to take advantage of it. I won't let you off that easy."
Mei went silent and then said, ".....huh?"
Airi smiles with some evil intent and says, "But first you're going to be my friend. No questions asked."

Mei didn't know why but even though Airi was being "annoying", she kind of liked what Airi was saying. Mei smiles and says, "Okay but if I'm making lunch then your' eating whatever I make. Trust me, no one is better at cooking then I am."
Airi pouts and says, "Oh fine but it better be super good if I need to give up my lunch while you pay me back."
Mei smirks and says, "Don't worry. I'll share my lunch with you later just to prove it."
Airi smiles and says, "Okay!"

"Present day."

Mei looks at Airi and says, "Airi, what are you doing?"
Airi turned to Mei and says, "Nothing, just wondering what you made for me today."
Mei smiles and says, "You'll love it. I got a new recipe for beef and rice."
Airi rises her arms and says, "Yay! I love the beef you make, Mei!"
Mei pulls her notebook out and says, "Anyway, did you hear a new girl is transferring in?"
Airi looks at Mei surprised and says, "Really?!"

Before Mei could tell Airi any more about this new girl, class started and the teacher of the class brought in said new girl. This new girl, was no taller then Airi and no older too. She had semi-long blonde hair that reached the center of her back and grey eyes. She wore the same uniform as every other girl but one thing about this girl stood out so much, no one could take their eyes off of her. This girl had massive, at least F-cup breasts, that could be noted just by how much her uniform was stretched out.

The girl had a bright and cute smile as she said, "Hello! My is Sakurai. I'm a STuG III tank girl and its a pleasure to meet you all."
Everyone stared at Sakurai and thinks, "Holy...boobies."
Curious, Sakurai looked around and says, "Umm...why are you all staring at me?"
Airi stared at Sakurai and then to Mei and Mei said, "Airi, my chest is not that big. I'm just tall. Remember? We've gone through this."
Airi smiles and says, "I know but you're still the second bustiest girl in this class. I had to wonder."
Mei gives Airi an odd curious look and then says, "Wonder what?" Airi doesn't answer and instead enjoys just how much more interesting school just got.
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