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Fourth Jane Austen Newsletter for group.
Jane Austen Newsletter
Editor: Princess Megan Rose

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Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. I hope this finds you well.

What does Jane Austen mean to you? To me, it means: Regency Times, Morals, Values, Scruples, Romance and an author who lived in Regency Times and wrote during and about her time era. Makes us feel like we were there. Don't we wish we were?

Let's talk about Jane's novel "Mansfield Park." Fanny Price is one of nine children who is raised by her Aunt Norris. Aunt Norris has four children of her own and Fanny feels like the poor relation. Her cousins are Julia, Maria, Edmund and Tom She falls for a man named Henry Crawford who has his eyes on other women. He takes on a mistress and asks his sister Mary to leave to leave his estate. He falls in love with Fanny but she loves another, her cousin Edmund. She doesn't trust Henry. Who can blame her? Her uncle wants her to marry Henry but Fanny stands her ground and marries Edmund in the end. Uncle Norris finds out Henry played Julia and Maria against each other so he gives Fanny and Edmund his blessing to marry. Years ago, cousins married each other. This novel is good but I still like "Pride and Prejudice" and "Emma" better. I love how Emma became a matchmaker and ended up falling in love herself. Next month, we will review Jane's last novel "Lady Susan." I also read that one of Jane's brothers was a minister. In her original manuscript of "Mansfield Park", Jane had one of her brother's sermons, written by him, in the back of the book.

A manuscript about a woman named Abigail and her three brothers living on a big estate and Abigail excels her brother at everything. She meets a man, a Colonel that she doesn't want to compete with. She falls in love with him. This is a manuscript written by Jane Austen that has been hidden. Hopefully, it will be published one day soon. From what I read, the manuscript is in the process of being edited. Title wasn't announced at this time.

If you love reading about Jane Austen's characters after her stories end, check out Author Amanda Grange. She brings Jane's characters back and we see what happened after Jane's novels end.

There is a pale pink cream rose in Jane Austen's Garden at the museum in the UK and it is named Pride and Prejudice. I guess because it is grown in England that makes it special. I wanted to download the picture but the picture is too big. It is pretty. I love red, lavender and purple roses personally.

There is a movie being made about "Lady Susan." This is Jane's last book and the one I want to talk about in the next newsletter. I need to read more of the book. The book is written in letters to Lady Susan and other characters. If you have read this book, I would love to hear about it. You can leave comments in either one of these forums. If you read "Lady Susan" and write comments about it, I will send you a Merit Badge.

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Jane Austen Meeting Place  (ASR)
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I don't know if I will do the newsletter next month or wait until October. I do hope you will drop by the forums and show your support of Jane. Thanks for reading.

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