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Three friends try to prevent their friend from embarrassing herself in a talent show.
Tomorrow was the school talent show. Many students with different skills were going to take part. It was an annual event that everyone looked forward to. Students practiced all year long, honing their skills for what was always a magnificent event. However, one performer in particular caught the attention of three students.

"I can't believe Rebecca is going to sing tomorrow," Nancy expressed to her companions Drew & Dylan as they sat outside the school.

"Are you sure she's that terrible?" Drew asked a little skeptical.

"Trust me it is," Nancy declared.

"And you know this because..." Drew waved for her to explain further.

"I was at her house and I heard her singing. It was terrible. I mean her little sister was practically laughing to death." Nancy told them.

"If she can't sing then why would she sign up to sing in front of the whole school?" Dylan asked.

"I don't know, maybe she's in denial," Nancy pondered.

"I still don't see why we're having a meeting about this," Dylan sighed.

"Isn't it obvious?" Nancy rolled her eyes, "we're her friends so we can't let her embarrass herself in front of the whole school."

"So what do you want us to do?" Drew inquired.

"We need to get her to drop out or do something different," Nancy explained.

The trio journeyed to Rebecca's house to follow through with Nancy's plan. Nancy lead the way, determined not to let her friend embarrass herself. Drew & Dylan followed closely behind. Rebecca's mother let them in and told them that Rebecca was upstairs in her room.

They paused when they reached Rebecca's room because they heard singing. They all looked at each other and Nancy cringed. They all agreed that what they were hearing was the worst singing they had ever heard. Drew went to knock but Nancy grabbed his hand and placed her finger to her lip to silence him. They waiting for the singing to stop then after a few seconds Nancy knocked on the door.

Rebecca opened the door and they piled in. They were so focused on what they had just heard that none of them noticed Rebecca's little sister, Candace, run out of the room.

"What's up?" Dylan asked causally.

"I was practicing for the talent show. I really think I might win," Rebecca told him confidently.

Drew stifled a laugh and Nancy elbowed him before speaking to draw attention away from Drew's behaviour.

"The competition's really tough this year Becca. Are you sure you want to go with singing?"

"Positive," Rebecca said quickly.

"Singing is so cliche. You could try...juggling," Dylan suggested.

"I can't juggle," Rebecca giggled, "besides singing is the only thing I'm really good at."

Again Drew tried not to laugh.

The trio then proceeded to convince Rebecca not to sing for the next 15 minutes but to no avail. They suggested a wide variety of performances she could do and even offered to go on stage with her. Rebecca refused each proposal.

"I know I can win. You guys want to hear me sing? I'm sure you'll agree if you hear my voice."

"I'd love to but If I don't get home soon my mom will kill me," Nancy said quickly.

"We should probably go to," Drew added.

"Dog to feed," was Dylan's excuse. He didn't even care how lame it sounded.

"Suit yourself. Prepare to be amazed tomorrow," Rebecca said before they left.

The next day the school's atmosphere was filled with excitement as the talent show crept closer. The talent show started promptly at 6:00 pm. There were various performances. Some were amazing, others were terrible. Dylan laughed as some of the ridiculous ideas he proposed yesterday to Rebecca were actually carried out by other students. Finally the final performance arrived; a solo by Rebecca Santos.

"Looks like they saved the best for last," Dylan joked but Nancy was not amused.

Rebecca took the stage and Nancy shuddered. She covered her eyes as Rebecca walked towards the mic and Dylan prepared to laugh hysterically. Drew just remained with a nonchalant look.

Rebecca began singing and the trio's jaws dropped. What they heard wasn't the terrible noise from yesterday. Instead a magnificent soprano voice escaped Rebecca's mouth.

When the performance ended there was thunderous applauding from the audience. Rebecca bowed then waved at them. The trio rushed backstage to meet her.

"You can sing!" Dylan exclaimed. It was the only thing he could think to say.

"How?" Drew pressed.

"What do you mean?" she asked confused.

"I came over to your house once and heard you singing. It didn't sound like that," Nancy explained.

"Plus we heard you yesterday when we stopped by," Drew continued.

"Oh," Rebecca giggled, "that was Candace. She felt ashamed so she ran out of the room when you guys came in. DIdn't you see her?"

The trio admitted they had not noticed Candace running out of the room.

"Well this was just one big misunderstanding," Dylan stated while looking at Nancy.

"It's not my fault," Nancy told Dylan then went to hug Rebecca to congratulate her.

The teacher in charge went on stage and announced the winner of the talent show; Rebecca Santos!
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