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The Mercenary built like a rock is ironically named Stone.
Stone is a laid back sort of guy, he likes to appear simple minded and dumb though he really isn't. He's a bit carefree and more then a little flirtatious. He likes to drink and chat in taverns as he looks for jobs.

Stone grew up poor he had a mother father two sisters and three brothers. He was a farm boy plowing the fields and chopping wood. Money may have been tight his hole life but it only taught him the value. When he became of age he enlisted in the armed forces. He excelled in training and had gained high respect. After a few years he decided to leave the army for a group of traveling mercenaries seeing not only more coin but more experience as well.

He has never forgotten his family he sends them about half of his earnings after every job to make sure they can run well and happy. He writes to them often though traveling its hard to receive letters but he knows he is loved still.

Stone has never actually entertained the thought of settling down. A wife and a home of his own is not what he wants right now.

Age of 32 and impressive height of 7 foot 1 inch. Hes a massive experienced human male. He has his farm boy tan with brown hair cut short to keep it from getting in the way. He bares his fair share of scares as well.

"Hey got the coin? I;ll fight for you," Stone says with a cocky grin shirtless letting his muscular body show proudly. Glistening with sweat he was a very handsome and partly frightening sight.
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