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A new world raw and untamed meets its first god. Will he help or hurt the world?
Chapter one. The goddess of Creation.

In a world not unlike earth there lives a wide array of beautiful animals plants and beings of magic. This land was uncharted by man untouched by huminoid creatures till now. From the heavens a star landed right in the middle of the land the force and impact was so mighty it split the land into two separate pieces floating on one giant mass of water. This star inside it held a man, but not a man. An omnipotent being a god most would call him. He was fair of skin and human in shape, blonde tassels of fine silken hair framed a soft almost childish round face. Long delicate and light lashes veiled eyes as blue as the night sky with specks of light seeming to glow like stars. Four seven days the being stayed under the water watching the animals go by he was not bothered by any of the creatures not even the curious ones. He decided to see what was above the water naked as a child at birth he had no protection from sun or weather, but he did not need such things.

On the beach he sat in the sand for a day watching again silently not a word muttered. For he did not even know how he got here or where he came from only that he was here.  After that day he went to the forest and again he sat for another day, and after that the mountains then the valleys. Over the land he came to first he spent an entire year just sitting and watching.

The year passed and he walked across the great water to the other mass of land and for a year he spent watching. Two years and seven days had this man sat and watched. He was the only of his kind he saw though he had adapted to the land his ears becoming those of a feline even growing a golden tail.

Growing lonely and bored he sat and watched a pride of feline animals with long manes fight this world had beauty and also had danger. Perhaps he could make more like himself but he did not feel he had the right to make things in this land. Along his walk he found a faun, hurt lost and without a mother. Surely it would die soon. He picked the faun up cradling the small life in his arms "You will live," the first words spoken in the new world held power the faun changed. In shock the man dropped the baby only it was a faun no longer. It was a child a female child with dark blond tuffs of hair big brown eyes and tan skin. It was shaking and scared.

"Do not fear, for you are Harmony, my new sister," the god held out a hand and the faun turned girl took it in small child's hands.

"And who are you?" she asked the tongue new to her though somehow she knew it well.

"I am," he had not thought of a name for himself. "I am Nightshade," he said as he loved the night and spent most of his time in the shade.

"Nightshade," Harmony said with a smile. For years Nightshade raised Harmony into a woman she was a beautiful sight breathtaking and pure. However she wanted more then just Nightshade and herself and mindless animals.

At her eighteenth year she requested he make another sibling. Nightshade denied her but seeing her sorrow he took her hand "With your hands... I will let you mold creatures," he told her "Take the clay of the earth, and mold it's shape and I will gift you with a breath of life,"

Overjoyed Harmony crafted the first humans a man and a woman.  She maned the man Lyon for the king of beasts and the woman Rose for the beautiful and dangerous flower. Nightshade smiled at her work and put his hands on her face and he gave her his breath "Now give life to what you made," he told her.

Harmony took a breath and exhaled on the man first and watching in wonder as the clay became flesh. She then eagerly did the same to the woman. The two once clay beings looked at one another and somehow knew their names and how to talk. They thanked the goddess and promised to worship her as their creator. The goddess of Creation was now her title.
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