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We usually measure ourselves through others' eyes. The challenge is to measure ourselves.

How do you measure yourself?  Is it by the amount of money you have in the bank?  The "position" you hold with your employer?  Maybe the size and location of your home!  Just how do you measure YOU?  I have learned to measure me by the number of people I can offer a kind word.  The ability to remember to pray for myself and others throughout the day. How often I can give away something that I have considered valuable for years, and someone else seeing it for the first time admiring it with that look that tells you they would appreciate receiving it.

I believe that we often measure ourselves using others measuring sticks.  We try to measure us to out parents, the Joneses, athletes, and many others.  I question whether or not that is the right measuring stick.  We are uniquely made by God, and we serve a unique purpose.  Yes, others can inspire us, and they should, but I strongly believe that we should be measured by our own measuring stick.

I have learned to measure me by being able to just listen to what is being said without being overly critical, but receptive to the possibility.  I measure me by my ability to appreciate a rising or setting sun, and by still being able to see, and relate to a tree that stands tall and proud with lifted arms all day.

How do I measure me?  I measure me by being able to see in others their potential, and the role that I can play in helping them to achieve it.  I measure me every single day by the growth and development of my children, grandchildren, and now my great-grands.  Every single day, they reflect what I've taught them or failed to teach them.  They are a mirror reflection of who I am in many ways even though they have learned to add their own personal flavor to their lives.

I've never lived in a fancy home.  Never ever purchased a fancy car or truck.  I've known a few millionaires, and well to do type people, and as I look back over my contact with them, I've never wanted to trade places.  My position in life has always been that I should work hard, earn my way, and share my earnings along the way to those that I thought to be less fortunate than I.  My life is not even close to being heavenly or perfect in the sense that we think of perfection, but it has ALWAYS been JUST RIGHT FOR ME! 

How do I measure myself?  I measure myself daily again the life I believe God wanted me to live.  Definitely not a saint for as most who know me knows, I am a work in progress.  Open to change (even  when I am pushing back a little), but more open to learning more about living a God-fearing life that says to whom much is given, much is required! 

I have been given MUCH!
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