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My future is history

I have so many things I want to say and do,
so many places I want to see.
I always thought the future was waiting,
waiting there for me.

I've had some rough patches along the way,
to that I can not deny.
But that I had to change my future plans,
makes me still wonder why.

What have I done to deserve what I have,
and all the things I have lost.
Tell me please so I can fix it back again,
and by God, I'll do it at any cost.

I will surrender to all of my faults I have made,
I will not complain again.
If someone can tell me how I can make them fade,
just make them go away.

I've tried denying, bargaining even acceptance too,
but nothing seems to work for me.
No matter where I go or what I do,
I feel like I'll never again feel free.

Feel the chains around me, shackles on my feet,
holding me back from all I hold near and dear.
Making me sit and stare at all of my dreams,
as they smolder up, and disappear.
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