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This poem is dedicated to my nephew. Gone but not forgotten.
Across the span of time and space
I came across a special place
Heaven's gate that's what I was told
A place of rest for the young and old

I closed my eyes, this had to be a dream
But everything was so real, to me it seem
I heard a voice from afar
and the lovely sound of a playing guitar

"Take my hand and trust me without fear
for it was I who brought you safely here.
I promised I would show you the way
to live with me in eternity someday."

"I didn't want you to walk alone
as you entered into a land unknown.
Come, and take your Father's hand
I'll show you your mansion in this promise land."

I took his hand without hesitation
for I have reached my final destination.
"Come, now and feast at my table
to look upon my face you are now able."

I paused behind the gate of pearls
In awe of it's beauty, I twist and twirl
I looked down at the streets of gold
Built the same as Revelations foretold

"I promised I would make heaven new
because I wanted it to be glorious for you.
Here, you have no sorrow and no more pain
The benefits of living for me is only gain."

I looked around and began to smile
happy to see loved ones I hadn't seen in a while
We'd all had our shares of sticks and stone
but now we dance around the foot of God's throne
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