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by Hitler
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a story about how a girl died in the lake
The girl was a freak, a nobody. No one could remember her name. The only way people reconized her was by her red lipstick. Shes gone now, the only thing people know about her is that she had no family. And how she killed herself.
The girl lived is alaska. She was in high school about to greaduate. At school the teachers overlooked her like she was invisable. The students taunt her by pretending she was a ghost. They "boo-ed" at her. When people stood near her they retended to have chills. She was always bumped into like she wasnt even there.  The ghost girl had enough. She was going to bring all of this to a end. 
It was at the end of fall when the lakes started to freeze over. The ghost girl decided that the night it will be cold enough for the lake to freeze, she will jump in and never get out. She followed through with her plan. She kept her head out of the water so she could stay awake while her body started to shut down form the cold. The lake froze over her body lays there lifeless. She gone. The town is unable to get her body out until the summer. She will now be a part of the lake for forever. 
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