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by Logan
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Couldn't sleep, wrote this, hope you like it!

Some things are designed to be sheltered
Protected from life's harshest crimes
Stored in a vault for safe keeping
A man for all seasons, all times
Didn't know that my heart could be held up,
didn't know just how far it had fell
Didn't think it was worth the attention,
didn't think anybody could tell
How abused, disregarded it drummed there
A pendulum swung out of beat
Somehow you made a withdrawal
A near impossible feat
And now it beats brashly before you
Spasming loud in my chest
A prisoner inside my ribcage
With my head sure it knows what is best
Yet despite all the reasons it's caged there
There's one noble truth that runs free
Despite all the logic my head can convey
My heart merely longs just to be...
to be wildly beating beside you
Pulsing out loud on my sleeve
But when it tries, my mind it falls down
And the words that I plan never leave
Not really a problem I'm used to
Usually I just don't care
Life is too short for impossible dreams
But every time I look you're there
With a voice that is sweeter than honey
A smile contagious I swear,
When I see it, it's gone for all money
My resistance, it hasn't a prayer
And the butterfly storm swarms inside me
Wings beating the thoughts from my mind
Leaving me nothing but visions of you
With echoes of me left behind
A shade of a man for all seasons
Sheltered by butterfly wings
Stored in this vault for all the wrong reasons
... held captive by all the wrong things

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