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Stalking Evil Story Outline

Tag Line

A sadistic killer.  A mysterious apartment complex. A detective hell bent on catching his man, and one small boy with special powers holds the key to it all.


Jackson Massachusetts

Jackson is a coastal town in Massachusetts.  It was founded by Sir William Jackson in 1629.  Jackson is a residential community with a vibrant tourism industry, the town is famous for its clams. 

It is also known for it's eclectic restaurants downtown on Ipswich and Main streets.  One of the main tourist draws in the summer is Crystal Beach, a barrier beach near the Jackson Manor.  The present day population is about 13,000 residence.  It gets a bit higher in the summer months.  The other body of water worth noting is the East Notch River The river runs through Jackson and is another great summer tourist draw.  Locals and tourists alike fish from the river as well as canoe and kayak up and down it's banks.  Back in the 1700 and 1800's, The Notch, as the locals call it, served as a goods lifeline all the way up to New Hampshire. 

Jackson has a very nice mix of people.  Echo Woods is on the western side of Jackson and is the upper class section.  Rocky point is located at the eastern most point of Jackson and is down by the water.  The houses there are mostly summer cottages, but many still live there year round.    The south side of Jackson, or Southie, as the natives call it, is where our adult main character lives.  On the very northern tip of Jackson lies the  The Green's apartment complex.  This is the housing section of Jackson.  Our main young character grows up here.  The Green's is a fairly new development that was put in 5 years ago.  The main building has been there from the start.  200 years ago, it was a jail for the mentally ill, named Pine Hills Prison. Many evil things happened there.  They demolished most of the jail when the apartments went up, but the brick administration building still stands today.

Main Character 1

Character Name:  Sean O'Connor

Nickname: Seany Boy (Went by this nickname as a kid.  Still sticks though he doesn't like it as an adult.

Date of Birth: December 30, 1973

Place of Birth: Beverly Hospital

Residence: Jackson, Massachusetts

General Appearance: Bodybuilder build.

Height: 6'4”

Weight: 220 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Crew cut

Eye Color: Hazel

Handedness: Left Handed

Jewelry: Wedding Band on left hand ring finger. Claddagh ring on right ring finger.

Tattoos / Marks: Has several hidden tattoos that regular clothing conceal. 

Role in the Story: Main character.  He is the cop that hunts down the killer.

Key Relationships:  None.  Wife died of cancer.

Education:  Went to Suffolk University and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Work History: Exemplary police officer with several commendations

Skills: Knows karate. Has a photographic memory.

Phobias / Fears: Claustrophobic, Coulrophobia, Thanatophobia, 

Bad Habits / Vices: Perfectionist.  Always gets his man

Quirks: Has several hidden tattoos that regular clothing conceal.

Hobbies: Loves golf, working out, and writing.

Best Qualities: Dedicated and relentless to his work.  Always gets his perpetrator.

Worst Qualities:  He demands that you do the same.  He has the respect of his peers, but he can be overbearing and stubborn as well.  (I want the reader to think Sam Gerard from The Fugitive)

Key Childhood Experiences:  His father and older sister were murdered when he was 10.  They never found the perpetrator

Key Teenage Experiences: Standout football player.  Had a full ride to Ohio State, but had to turn it down because he had to take care of his mother.  She eventually died of lung cancer.

Key Adult Experiences: Becoming a detective.  That is all he ever wanted in his life besides a family.

Sexual Background:  Being Irish Catholic, he waited till marriage to have sex.  He has two boys.  Liam and Adorn.

Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book)

Loves Pizza and Corn beef and Cabbage.  His favorite band is Rush.  His favorite show is Law and Order SVU.  His favorite movie is Patriot games, though he is a real movie buff.  He enjoys reading when he has the time, and his favorite book is The Shinning, by Stephen King.

Goals and Motivations:His mission is to find the guy who murdered his father and sister.

Morality / Ethics: Extremely moral and God fearing man.

Style of Speech.  Boston accent.

Words/Slang/Jargon:  Has many Irish slang words.

Additional Information: We find out that the killer he is tracking for this current string of murders is the man who killed his father and sister.

Main Character 2

Character Name Lucy Figurido

Nickname / Alias: Luce  (Fireball at work)

Date of Birth: December 18, 1978

Place of Birth: Gloucester, Massachusetts

Residence: Jackson, Massachusetts

General Appearance.  Athletic build.  Athletic figure.  Blue eyes.  In a word, gorgeous

Height 5'9”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Measurements: 32-22-33

Hair Color :  Sand blonde hair

Hair Length: Shoulder length

Eye Color: Blue

Handedness: Right handed 

Jewelry: None, skin is sensitive to jewelery

Tattoos / Marks: None

Role in the Story: Librarian who teams up with Sean to catch the Killer.

Key Relationships:  Develops a very close relationship with the boy because of her nurturing manner.  Also falls for Sean.

Education:  Salem State College graduate with a fire science major.

Work History: Firefighter right out of college for 9 years.  Now she is the chief fire investigator.

Skills:  She is an exceptional fire investigator by using the training she has gathered over the years as well as her intuition to solve fires

Phobias / Fears:  Failing and being alone.

Bad Habits / Vices: Smokes a pack a day.

Quirks: Always plays with her hair.  Has a thing for swords and knives and guns.

Hobbies:  Loves to hunt big game.

Best Qualities: Nurturing and understanding.  Exceptionally organized.  An incredible researcher.

Worst Qualities: Stubborn

Key Childhood Experiences: She met Stephen King and loved his work and wants to be a writer someday.  She has a few unpublished manuscripts.

Key Teenage Experiences:  Going to Australia with her family for a missionary trip.

Key Adult Experiences: 

Sexual Background: Had a few boyfriends, but they all left her hurt.

Favorites She loves Italian.  She loves country music and romantic comedies

Goals and Motivations:  To be a published writer, get married and start a family 

Morality / Ethics:  Because of her background, she is very moral and ethical.

Style of Speech:  She had that Gloucester accent.

Words/Slang/Jargon:  Again, the Gloucester style of talking.

Additional Information:

Main Character 3

Character Name: Robert Clayton

Nickname / Alias: Bobby

Date of Birth: July 24, 2005

Place of Birth: Beverly Hospital

Residence: Jackson, Massachusetts

General Appearance.  Short and thin.

Height 4'2”

Weight: 55 lbs.

Hair Color :  Black

Hair Length: Short

Eye Color: Brown

Handedness: Right handed 

Role in the Story: Boy has special powers that help track evil.  He was born with A.C.C.  (Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, and because of that his brain had to adapt thus bringing on this sort of sixth sense.  He helps Sean and Lucy catch the maniacal killer.

Key Relationships:  Develops a very close relationship with Lucy because of her nurturing manner.

Education:  Cook Elementary School

Skills:  Very handy for his age.  He can take things apart and put them back together again.

Phobias / Fears:  Spiders, snakes, heights.  The number 13, elevators.

Quirks:  Always puts his socks and shoes on starting with his right foot first.  Lines up his Star Wars figures in the exact same way every day before he leaves for school every morning.

Hobbies:  Loves everything Star Wars.  Loves to read and draw.  Loves building things.  Loves the Red Sox.

Best Qualities: Understanding.

Worst Qualities: Doesn't believe in himself.

Key Childhood Experiences: His father was abusive to he and his mother. 

Favorite Food/Movie/Book:  Chinese food.  Star Wars.  The Hobbit.

Goals and Motivations:  To fit in.  Because of his special power, he is shunned and is labeled a misfit.  As the story progresses, he wants to find this killer because that way he will feel vindicated and accepted

Style of Speech:  Boston accent. 

Additional Information:  Has a hard time trusting a male figure.  His father beat his mother.  He was evil.  His gift, or curse, in this case, wasn't developed enough two years ago when they up and left for the Green's.

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