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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2012483
The ranger has found his mark...time to execute.
T H E R A N G E R ' S M A R K

An orange glow from the setting sun shined behind the Tower of Mirodus. A ranger, Orion, crouched on a rooftop looking through a spyglass. He was locating his target inside the Tower. “Got ya.” He thought as he spotted his target getting into bed.
Orion stood and jumped off the rooftop and onto another, kicking a few of the shingles off as he landed. A merchant on the street below looked up as the shingles hit him in the face.
“Oi! You better pay for those shingles, ya bastard!” he said.
Orion looked back for a moment and grinned. He looked towards the tower and jumped onto another rooftop and stopped as he saw the next roof. It is too high up, he looked around to see if there was another way, there wasn’t. He took out his chain-scythe and jumped. He swung the scythe and stuck it in the wooden wall as he impacted, dangling for a little while, then hanging completely still. He reached up and grabbed the roof and climbed up, leaving his scythe in the wall.
After twenty minutes of jumping across rooftops and climbing walls, he had finally made it to his mark’s bedroom.
His mark: Spencer Fitz, a noble aged 32, perverted slave-owner.
Someone wanted him dead, who that was, though, remained anonymous, probably one of his slaves. Orion stood in his window and took out his dagger. He started walking towards Spencer, who was lying in bed. Once he reached his mark, Orion took his dagger and jabbed it into Spencer.
“I knew you were coming.” a voice said, his voice coming from the shadows behind Orion. He spun around, heart racing at being caught out. "Spencer!"
“I received a tip that one of my slaves decided to get you to kill me. I quickly ended her life.” Spencer pointed to his bed. “Look under the sheets.”
Orion pulled off the sheets and saw a young girl tied to the bed with a bloody stab wound through her chest. One of the things Orion had always refused to do was kill children, but now, he killed a young girl.
“Or…you did.” Spencer laughed.
“No wonder she wanted you dead.” Orion finally said, his voice sent chills through Spencer’s spine.
“So, the silent assassin finally speaks.”
“You made me kill this young girl…” Orion started.
“She made you kill her.” He interrupted.
“You! You did this!”
“It’s sad she had to die…she was a good lay.”
Orion, red with rage, charged at where the voice came from. There was nothing. He felt a dagger touch his back. Now two.
“This is sad, really, Orion, the silent assassin, put down by a noble slave owner…how sad.”
Orion said nothing. He turned around and Spencer jabbed both daggers into him. A sharp pain went through Orion. He felt his wounds, both bloody, both deep. He looked at Spencer, a better looking fellow. Orion swung his dagger and slit Spencer’s throat. Spencer fell, choking on his own blood. Orion fell, Spencer was right, the greatest assassin in the land, defeated by a nobleman. He looked to where Spencer’s body had been. It was gone. Spencer wasn't just a nobleman, he was a mage. The whole thing had been an illusion, even Orion’s pain. He felt where his wounds were, they were gone. Orion stood up.
“Where are you?” Orion shouted.
“Here.” Spencer responded.
Orion looked behind him and Spencer lifted his hand and used magic to push Orion against the wall.
“Even if I don’t kill you, Spencer, someone will.”
“They will fail.” Spencer said sharply.
Spencer took out his sword and placed it up against Orion’s neck. This time, it wasn’t an illusion. Orion closed his eyes. Spencer forced them open, then slowly slid the sword across Orion’s throat. Spencer enjoyed every second of watching Orion’s life fade.
Orion was dead.

This is just a fun little thing I wrote because I was bored. :P
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