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The United States Vice President Joe Biden blames U.S. allies for ISIS escalation.
Well once again the United States government wants to blame others for a mess they helped create. While giving a speech to students on Thursday at the John F. Kennedy Jr Forum at the Institute Of Politics at Harvard University on Thursday, Vice President Biden said that the United States biggest problem in Syria is our regional allies.

Biden blamed Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE for the rise of ISIS. Biden went on to say that our allies where so determined to take down the Bashar Al-Assad regime in Syria, that they are to partially blame for the proxy war between Sunni-Shia. He went on to add that these allies gave tens of thousands in weapons and hundreds of millions of money to anyone willing to fight the Assad regime. Vice President went on to add that the United States tried to convince its colleagues to stop supplying them. Biden continued to say that this cannot be turned into another ground war against an Arab nation in the Middle East.

Here is where things get interesting in my opinion. Just a couple years ago, our own government was funding these same terrorists. Supplying them with money and small arms. Then 12-18 months ago the White House and Barack Obama was told about the growing threat. Obama sat back and ignored the intelligence and briefings given about the rise of ISIS as a terror state. Granted it takes other countries to stop growing threats in the Middle East. But when you have supplied these terrorists in the past, when you have intelligence for over a year that this group is growing out of control and radicalized, and you do nothing, that makes you just as responsible as the rest of our allies. So Mr. Biden, before you go and blame others, I ask you to please look in the mirror and take a good hard look!
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