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Is ISIS the United States excuse for a deeper agenda in Syria?
Just over a year a go Barack Obama was trying to push Congress into attacking Syria over the assumption that the Bashar Al-Assad regime used chemical weapons against the rebels and the Syrian people. The United States never produced any conclusive evidence to prove the accusations and it seemed as if Obama gave up on ousting Al-Assad, or did he?

It's no lie that Obama and his administration slipped on the ISIS threat. Reports showing that Obama knew about the growing threat ISIS presented eighteen months ago and not until this last month did the United States truly get involved until ISIS crossed into Syria. We have been using airstrikes these last two weeks hitting so called ISIS hot spots and strategic positions. Yet it seems it has not slowed down these radicals the slightest bit. Which leads to question, are we once again lacking proper intelligence, or is the Obama administration hiding a secret? Obviously ISIS is a major threat to the Middle East and possibly the United States. But is Obama letting ISIS secretly grow in hopes they will advance throughout Syria and oust Bashar Al-Assad from power?

The United States stated that they will help arm and train the Syrian rebels to fight against the ISIS threat. Seems to me like Obama is trying to kill two birds with one stone. Train the Syrian rebels and give them the weapons they need to defeat Al-Assad, and also help fight against ISIS. A cunning strategy, but haven't we been down this road before? We just a couple years a go where funding the group that is now ISIS. They turned on their masters, what's to say the Syrian rebels won't have a change of heart and do the same? In my eyes their are many countries to blame for the uprising of ISIS. But ISIS was just an excuse to do air raids inside Syrian borders and to arm the Syrian rebels without it making it obvious of the Obama's administrations true plan. Perhaps I am wrong? And quite honestly I hope I am. But the facts and evidence make it look to obvious about what Obama's true agenda is.
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