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Kiev forces continue shelling in Eastern Ukraine amid ceasefire agreement.
A month a go a ceasefire agreement was made and set for regions in Eastern Ukraine. So why are Kiev forces continuing to shell towns? The fighting between Pro-Russian rebels and the Kiev forces have continued although the ceasefire was set in place.

Earlier last week Kiev forces shelled a town, hitting a school building, killing eleven and injuring around forty. The deaths and injuries where all adults, thanks to teachers and staff escorting the students out of the building and away from the shelling. Then on Friday shelling killed more civilians and a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Friday's shelling has not been determined who did it, with Kiev forces and Pro-Russian rebels pointing the finger at one another.

Since the ceasefire, it has been no lie that Kiev forces have continued to be aggressive in the Eastern Ukraine regions. With continued shelling and troop movement. So this leads to the question. Why has the International community, especially the European Union, allowed the Kiev forces to continue aggression? The EU and United States has no problem complaining about the Pro-Russian rebels continued attacks or defense against the Kiev regime, calling them nothing but terrorists and war criminals. But yet, when Kiev forces shell towns killing civilians, including women and children, that is just considered to be nothing but casualties of war in their eyes.

It is clear this civil war has no end in sight. If it keeps down this road, it will sooner than later become more than just a civil war. It will become a more widespread issue. The more the Kiev regime gets away with, the more likely Russia will eventually send military force into Eastern Ukraine. So it's in every parties best interest to respect the ceasefire agreement and find a more peaceful and effective solution to this on going war.
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