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by Javad
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Some aspects of friendship
         Brilliant          friend
         Because of the very social          nature of the human being, the term "friend" has never been a          fresh word to them. Almost for sure, each and every one of the          people on earth is seeking for an intimate, honest, and loyal          friend. As is known to all, our friends are the most influential          factor\force that can affect our lives in many fashions whether we          are conscious of the influencing process or not.
         To appreciate how our          friends play major          parts in our lives, we should look at it from the very beginning of          the embarking on a friendship. Visiting a new person with a great          first impression, you certainly know that you are in for great          surprises. Every new people we become familiar with, can open a          brand new world for us which would broaden          our horizon. In other words, each new person, could be considered as          a turning point in our life; regardless of whether they play a walk          on part in our life or stay with us for a long period of time.
         Being friend with a person          with a specific school of thought which is usually consistent with          the one of ours, can fortify our values and enhance our skills and          personality. This kind of friendship is usually emotionally arranged          and solidly based on common grounds. They can be absolutely          supportive in rainy days and speaking to them would be the most          straight forward way for sorting out our feelings. Based on such a          solid understanding, which has been made throughout years, every now          and then, they can provide each other with useful          suggestions and applicable solutions.          
         Looking at our friendship          through a magnifying glass, we come to the conclusion that our          friends can change our interpretations of a single event. To trust          someone and believing in their trustworthy, can subsequently made us          look at the world through their glasses. In long term, they would be          the one who inform us how a certain concept work.
         At an opposite extreme, if          they were not tactful enough, they could lead us to the          progressively deterioration of values. We would also have lots of          problems in pursuit of trusting to an allegedly reliable, tactful          friend. Unfortunately, the result of this so-called friendship is          being caught in a downward spiral of ill-advised solutions.
         Finally, friends are the          most influencing part of our life. Ease of finding a friend doesn't          necessarily means we are going to boost our life in any absolute          sense. Based on the kinks of the friends we choose, we will be in a          completely different situation.

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