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Lyrics for a song I wrote in a time of despair
A Way to Stop the Ice

"Who do you think you are getting a say in love

You sit around waiting for me to come

Cause you know what I desire, can never be true

You know you control all the feelings through and though

And now you want me to come close to you

A thing I've always refused to do before you

To gain attachment that you'll never have for me
And in year or so you'll say you're sorry you have to go

You'll wave goodbye as I inwardly dye

You know I can't beg you not to go where you belong

And I'll be stuck in this shithole town, and hopelessly try to believe

You might come back for me, because it was a way to sleep"

"I don't believe in fairy tales or love so why start with you

No reassurance, you won't tell me it'll be ok

I thought I'd learnt not to let people kick me around

Instead all I learned was how to let people come up with better lies

In reality its true your statement who would come back for you"

"You don't have ice inside your soul

But you're putting it into mine

And I can't let myself freeze no, not this time

I won't let time stop again

I won't go back to that place where I don't breathe

I need any breathes I can take
Even though I may choke on the tainted air
I refuse to let it be the time to walk back into my winter paradise,

It's not safe outside on the paths but a better way to survive

Because this is the way to stop the paralyzing ice"

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