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A poem inspired by my wife's insomnia
I can’t relate to what you speak,

I close my eyes, I fall asleep.

I start my day, alert, well-rested,

You start your day, already tested;

Nights of terror, little sleep,

Insomnia, it runs so deep.

Feeling guilty, slept all night,

You tried to too, but lost the fight.

On the nights you do succeed,

You are attacked by awful dreams;

Filled with hate, some comes from me,

Nowhere near reality.

Therapy has worked no wonders,

To help you find a peaceful slumber.

Day turns to night, and night to day,

The weekend’s gone, it’s now Monday.

Weekend too short, workweek too long,

You have no choice but to be strong.

You will get through this, I will make sure,

I promise you, we’ll find a cure;

To quiet your thoughts, to rest your brain,

Your Insomnia, will go away.

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